Garrigues' international strategy celebrates its 50th anniversary

With the opening of its New York office in 1973, Garrigues became the first Spanish law firm to enter the cross-border fray

2023 marks the 50th anniversary of the opening of Garrigues' New York office. This was a veritable milestone for the firm, marking the start of its firm commitment to internationalization, as well as for the Spanish legal profession, which was opening up to new markets for the first time: Garrigues was the first Spanish firm to decide to break into the international arena, doing so in 1973 in the financial capital of the United States.

The firm's New York office was opened at a time of major change in the Spanish legal market. In the 1970s, Spain was undergoing a rapid economic and social transformation, and many Spanish companies were beginning to expand internationally. Garrigues' New York office enabled the firm to provide expert legal advice to Spanish clients with operations in the US, as well as to US companies seeking to expand into the Spanish and European markets.

The experience and knowledge gained by Garrigues in the US market allowed the firm to develop a broader and more sophisticated take on the world of business, thereby helping to strengthen its position in Spain and its expansion into other international markets.

In 1985, Garrigues opened its second international office in Brussels, which was a key point in terms of its relations in Europe. In the 2000s, new offices were opened in Europe (the UK, Portugal and Poland), as well as in China and Morocco. And the 2010s were fundamental in the firm's expansion in Latin America, where it currently has 4 own offices, namely in Peru, Colombia, Mexico and Chile.

50 years after this process of expansion began, the firm has consolidated its international focus and now has 30 own offices in 12 countries, across four continents. For Garrigues, it is crucial that the firm be present wherever it believes the service provided to its clients can be improved, and this has always been the criterion on which decisions to open own offices have been based.

The keys to the firm's strategy: integrated management, own offices, local talent

  • Our model. A single firm, a single partnership, a cohesive team, and the same high standards of quality in all our offices.
  • Our commitment. To accompany local and multinational companies which take the leap and move into other countries, and advising on matters of local law in the most sophisticated transactions.
  • The factor that sets us apart. A local, regional and multinational service that is Garrigues through and through is provided by all our offices.
  • The result. Garrigues is a benchmark in relation to major intra-regional deals, ensuring the same quality of service based on a one-stop shop model. It brings to the table the expertise of a major firm with over 2,000 professionals across the Americas, Asia and Europe, and a direct presence in the global financial centers: New York, London and Shanghai. With international desks coordinating projects in seven regions: Asia-Pacific, Brazil, France, Germany, India, Italy and the US.

Get to know our international teams

To find out more about what the different Garrigues offices around the world do and see the faces behind the names of our team members, keep an eye on the firm's LinkedIn profile in the coming weeks.