Business and Coronavirus Covid-19

The worldwide health alert triggered by coronavirus is generating a great deal of uncertainty among companies, affecting all aspects of their activity. Garrigues offers its clients multidisciplinary teams specializing in all practice areas in the countries in which it operates. Since the crisis took hold, the firm has established a team of professionals responsible for supervising the contents of this Special section, in which we provide information on all legal developments in relation to the coronavirus crisis, on proposals made by social partners, agreements, decisions, orders, etc.; in short, all the relevant information which companies need to be aware of.

  • Post-pandemic era brings slew of tax reforms in Latin America in 2021

    After 2020 when Latin American governments, like the rest of the world, focused on tackling the health crisis and economically shoring up the sectors that were hardest hit by the necessary business restrictions, 2021 presented an opportunity to rebalance weakened public finances without detracting from the slow but steady recovery in those countries. In this document, our tax experts analyze the tax changes announced and enacted in 2021 in Chile, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Argentina and Uruguay.
  • COVID-19: protection of temporary layoffs has been extended until March 31, 2022 and the new minimum wage and other social measures have been approved

    The Government and social partners have reached an agreement to extend temporary layoffs and other relevant measures from a labor law standpoint. In addition, the increase in the minimum wage has been published in the Official State Gazette.
  • Latin American Viewpoints - February 2022

  • COVID-19 prompts modernization of justice systems in Latin America

    The COVID-19 pandemic has adversely impacted on processing times for cases before the civil courts in Latin America. It has also had the effect, however, of accelerating a modernization of the proceedings conducted before these courts. Before the health crisis, these proceedings were generally processed by way of hardcopy documents and required the lawyers, parties and third parties to appear in person, without involving the use of technology enabling more efficient and swifter processing, which has long been an integral part of commercial arbitration proceedings. Below we take a look at the changes experienced in Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru.
  • COVID-19 Can companies retrieve recoverable paid leave in 2021?

    Post from Garrigues' Labor blog.
  • COVID-19: Portugal new rules on telecommuting and on the operating hours of establishments

    It was published in the Portuguese Official Gazette, the Council of Ministers’ Resolution no. 101-A/2021, of 30 July, which establishes the state of calamity throughout mainland Portugal until the 11:59 hours of the 31st of August 2021 and foresees the applicable legal regime.
  • COVID-19: payments on account and depreciations for a longer period than the maximum period established for tax purposes

    In the context of the current COVID-19 pandemic, new measures were approved to enable companies to increase their cash flows.
  • COVID-19 - Portugal: Tax obligations - new postponement of deadlines

    The Government approved new extensions of deadlines to comply with the following tax obligations:
  • COVID-19: Postponement of the deadline to submit the Modelo 22 return and others

    The Government approved, through Dispatch n.º 191/2021-XXII, of 15/06, the extension of the deadlines to comply with the following tax obligations.
  • COVID-19: The deadline to comply with the obligation to submit the transfer pricing documentation has been postponed

    It has been published in the official website of the Portuguese Tax Authority, the postponement of the deadline to comply with the obligation to prepare and submit the transfer pricing file, to which large taxpayers are subject, under article 130, no. 3, of the Corporate Income Tax (IRC) Code, to July 22th, 2021 (in line with the postponement of the submission of the IES/DA).