Pedro Learreta Olarra

Pedro Learreta

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  • English
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Pedro Learreta Olarra is the partner in charge of the Basque Country and Navarre. He specializes in civil procedural law and both domestic and international arbitration.

Moreover, he is a lecturer in Civil Law (Obligations and Contracts) at the Faculty of Law at Universidad de Deusto.

His professional experience has centered on private law, practicing in the field of juridical review before all types of (court and arbitration) jurisdictions, taking in civil (obligations and contracts, noncontractual liability), corporate/commercial (companies, competition, industrial property) and insolvency-related matters.

A member of the Vizcaya Bar Association, he is a regular speaker at seminars organized by the Firm and the Vizcaya Bar Association, as part of the School of Legal Practice, as well as other specialist centers (APD, Colegio de Economistas, CEBEK, etc.).

Academic background:

Degree in Law from Universidad de Deusto (1990), with an Associate’s Degree in economic law (1990)


Coauthor of “Business crisis and insolvency: practical observations” (2011) (*), and various articles and pieces in a range of media.