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Pedro Learreta Olarra is the partner in charge of the Basque Country and Navarre. 
He specializes in civil procedural and commercial law. He also has extensive experience in arbitration proceedings, both domestic and international arbitration, having acted both as legal counsel (before the Bilbao Arbitration Court, the Madrid Arbitration Court, the Arbitral Tribunal of the Bar Association, the Spanish Arbitration Court, and the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris) and as an arbitrator, whether ad hoc or appointed by the Bilbao Arbitration Court.
Moreover, he is a lecturer in Civil Law (Obligations and Contracts) at the Faculty of Law at Universidad de Deusto, and a permanent lecturer in Civil Contracts in the Master’s Degree for Access to the Legal Profession offered by Universidad de Deusto and the Vizcaya Bar Association.
His professional experience has centered on private law, both civil and commercial, practicing in the field of judicial review before all types of judicial and arbitration jurisdictions, taking in obligations and contracts, noncontractual liability, or rights in rem, as well as corporate/commercial (companies, competition, industrial property). In the insolvency field, he has been lead defense counsel in some of the most significant insolvency and ancillary (clawback and assessment) proceedings in the area.
A member of the Vizcaya Bar Association, he is a regular speaker at seminars organized by the Firm and the Vizcaya Bar Association, as part of the School of Legal Practice, as well as other specialist centers (APD, Colegio de Economistas, CEBEK, etc.).

Academic background:

Degree in Law from Universidad de Deusto (1990), with an Associate’s Degree in economic law (1990).


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