Javier Toribio Jiménez


Languages Known:

  • English
  • Spanish

Javier Toribio Jiménez

Principal associate


Javier Toribio is a principal associate in the Administrative Law, Planning and Zoning, and Environmental practice areas and pursues his career in the Public Law department for southern Spain (Andalucía, Extremadura and the Canary Islands).

He has extensive experience in matters relating to the following sectors: mining, water, coasts, ports, renewable energy, town planning, the environment (waste, contaminated land, environmental assessments, environmental liability, mechanisms for the prevention and integrated control of contamination), public property, condemnation, State aid and subsidies, public procurement and pharmaceuticals.

He is an expert in public law. He advises companies and individuals on their dealings with public authorities and public sector entities.

He handles numerous cases before the judicial review courts, representing public authorities and their vehicular entities and, more commonly, individuals and private entities against the former.

He also provides legal advice in administrative penalty proceedings in all areas of administrative law.

He provides recurring advice to mining companies on the setting up and pursuit of extractive industries.

He also prepares opinions and reports on issues relating to planning and zoning, advising developers on planning matters for the development of residential and commercial areas, as well as industrial estates and zones.

He has experience in preparing reports on zoning management procedures and on procedures involving reparcelling and development plans as well as zoning enforcement (re-establishing planning lawfulness and penalties).

He has coordinated studies, opinions and reports for the purpose of providing technical/legal assistance to public authorities on legislative initiatives and the implementation of legislation by subordinate legislation.

He advises companies on domestic trade and consumption with respect to public authorities.

He has participated as a speaker in numerous conferences and forums and has taught courses at various academic institutions such as:

Universidad Pablo de Olavide (UPO), as lecturer in administrative law on the Higher Master’s Degree in the Legal Profession.

Universidad Internacional de Andalucía (UNIA), as lecturer in administrative law.

EOI, as lecturer in legislation on the Master’s Degree in Engineering and Environmental Management (MIGMA).

Centro de Estudios Garrigues (CEG), as lecturer in public law on the Master’s Degree in Business Law.

Javier Toribio is a member of the Seville Bar Association. 

Academic background:

Doctorate in Law, Universidad de Sevilla.

Degree in Law, majoring in Public Law, Universidad de Sevilla.

Master’s Degree in Legal Counseling for Businesses, Instituto de Empresa IE. Madrid.

Doctorate programs in Public Law, Universidad de Sevilla.

Expert qualification in Zoning, Planning and Real Estate Development, Instituto de Práctica Empresarial-IPE.

Associate’s Degree in Senior Management of Corporate Institutions, Instituto Internacional San Telmo.

Doctorate Diploma of Advanced Studies (DEA), Universidad de Sevilla.