Guillermo León Ramírez Torres


Languages Known:

  • English
  • Spanish

Guillermo León Ramírez Torres

Senior associate


Guillermo León Ramírez Torres is a senior associate in the Litigation practice.

He has a wealth of experience in bankruptcy proceedings and corporate law matters, having acted as counsel to different trustees and having brought claw-back actions for the benefit of the bankruptcy estate.

Academic background:

Degree in Law, majoring in Commercial Law, Universidad Externado de Colombia.

Master’s Degree in Financial Legislation and Private Law, Universidad de los Andes.


Coauthor of:

Risk Allocation in International Construction Contracts: An International Perspective (*), Revista E-Mercatoria. Volume 8 No. 2.2009.

Author of:

The Rights of the Secured Creditor and the Reorganization of the Debtor in the Law on Secured Transactions (*), Revista de Derecho Privado No. 54, Universidad de Los Andes. July-December 2015.

(*) originally published in Spanish. See Spanish CV for more information.