Franco Muschi Loayza

Franco Muschi Loayza

Principal associate


Prior to joining Garrigues, he worked as a lawyer in the labor practice of Payet, Rey, Cauvi (2004 - 2014) and as an international lawyer assigned to the labor department of Uría Menendez (Madrid, 2009).

He has broad experience in providing advice to Peruvian and foreign companies in relation to hiring arrangements, salary structures and mechanisms for terminating the employment relationships of Peruvian and foreign workers, health and safety in the workplace, and in relation to labor matters arising in mergers and acquisitions, business restructuring processes and production decentralization processes.

A major part of his professional practice involves representing clients in labor disputes and lawsuits, in the administrative and judicial jurisdictions.

Academic background:

Degree in law (Summa Cum Laude) from Universidad de Lima (Lima, 2004), expert in employment and social security law.

Master’s Degree in Labor Law Counseling from Centro de Estudios Garrigues and Universidad Antonio Nebrija (Madrid – Spain, 2011).


He is a regular contributor to several labor-related publications.