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David Sanz Pérez is a partner in the Administrative Law practice and has a wealth of experience in providing legal advice to enterprises and public authorities in the different branches of administrative law and, specifically, on all matters relating to public procurement, regulated industries and legal implications deriving from environmental protection legislation.

In the area of public procurement, he has advised public authorities, contractors and financial institutions on a great number of the infrastructure projects promoted in Spain over the last ten years (tram, metro, high-speed rail, a range of public buildings, highways, desalination plants, sewage treatment plants, airports, waste treatment facilities, etc.). He has also participated in procedures for the modification, readjustment and termination of public contracts.

David’s practice also includes advising domestic and foreign clients in regulated industries, notably participating in start-up projects or transactions involving power plants operating under both the ordinary and special regimes, providing advice on oil and gas matters and on energy efficiency initiatives.

He is the partner in charge of environmental law matters at the Barcelona office and has provided advice with respect to different environmental vectors (water, air, land, etc.)

Lastly in addition to all of the above, he offers general advice on administrative law matters (penalty proceedings, judicial review proceedings, condemnation, public property and special properties, etc.)

Associate Lecturer in the Administrative Law Department of Universidad de Barcelona since 2003. He teaches classes in administrative law, Cataluña public law and Community law institutions. He participates as a speaker in practical experience courses, seminars, master’s and postgraduate degree courses at the Faculties of Law of Universidad de Barcelona, Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, La Salle, Universitat Pompeu Fabra and at Escuela de Organización Industrial. Regular speaker at seminars and congresses in his area of expertise. He also forms part of various research projects promoted by the Administrative Law Department of Universidad de Barcelona.




Academic background:

Degree in Law, Universidad de Barcelona (1995).

Doctorate program in Administrative Law, Universidad de Barcelona (1997).

Research proficiency certificate, Universidad de Barcelona (1997).


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(*) originally published in Spanish/Catalan. For further information, see Spanish version of CV.