Litigation and Arbitration

Our Litigation and Arbitration professionals are experts in dispute resolution and act as legal counsel in lawsuits conducted before the courts and in ad hoc arbitration proceedings before the principal domestic and international courts of arbitration.

We defend our clients’ interests in conflict situations and advise them with a view to avoiding potential litigation or arbitration and, where it is unavoidable, ensuring they are in the best possible position.

Our wealth of experience in practically all industries and business areas enables us to adapt to the most diverse situations. We have expert litigators in almost all legal matters and economic sectors, including digital or electronic environments, which have seen growing numbers of disputes. Garrigues’ multidisciplinary structure means we can build teams of professionals specializing in the different disciplines that may be affected by the dispute (accounting, tax, environmental law, etc.) when the circumstances so require. All of the above explains our frequent participation in major domestic lawsuits and arbitration proceedings, as well as international arbitration proceedings.

Thanks to our track record, we have garnered international acclaim in the legal services industry and specialist publications confirm the practice’s leading position in their annual rankings.

Civil and commercial litigation

We have an excellent team of expert litigators who advise on and manage all types of civil and commercial proceedings, as well as all appeals, at all phases and instances before the Spanish courts.

Our understanding of our clients’ business enables us to defend their position in the manner best suited to their interests. Our geographical reach in Spain and our international presence means we deal with a diverse range of national and international courts.

In addition to defending our clients in court, we deliver reports and legal opinions on potentially litigious civil and commercial issues and carry out preventative analyses to identify and prevent potential legal risks. We also design and implement the pre-litigation and litigation strategies best suited to the defense of our clients’ interests.

International arbitration

Garrigues’ international arbitration practice is among the most acclaimed in the legal services industry. The global nature of the Firm enables us to create multijurisdictional and multilingual teams made up of professionals with extensive expertise in different practice areas and with direct knowledge of the legal, cultural and sociological aspects of the jurisdiction in which the dispute is to be resolved.

We are experts in ad hoc and institutional arbitration (International Chamber of Commerce, London Court of International Arbitration, American Arbitration Association, etc.) and in investment or sports arbitration and we have acted at the world’s leading arbitration venues (Paris, London, Geneva, Zurich, Bucharest, New York, Miami, Lima, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Nouakchott, Madrid, Barcelona, etc.) under the laws of countries including Spain, England, Portugal, Argentina, Mexico, Bolivia, Algeria, the U.S. (State of New York, Florida), etc.

We also advise on pre- and post-arbitration steps such as the arbitration agreement, the enforcement or setting aside of awards, or conservatory measures. We also defend our clients in all types of arbitration-related legal proceedings..

Domestic arbitration

Our expert team also represents clients in both ad hoc and institutional domestic arbitration proceedings and we defend our clients in arbitration-related court proceedings: appointment of arbitrators, assistance with evidence-taking, conservatory measures, and action to set aside or enforce the arbitral award.

Other alternative dispute resolution methods

We advise our clients, defend their interests and assist them in decision-making processes relating to alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods such as mediation, conciliation, fact-finding, mini trials, dispute boards, etc.