Restructuring and Insolvency Work Newsletter - February 2016

The brand new Restructuring and Insolvency newsletter features:
  • Summary of Order JUS/2831/2015, of the Ministry of Justice of December 17th, which approves an standard application form to be filled by those debtors willing to initiate an out-of-Court payment agreement with their creditors; 
  • The most relevant cases and transactions in which our experts have been involved;
  • Compilation of the latest judicial cases on claw back actions, some of which dig into the conducts performed in fraud of creditors;
  • Selection of case law in the form of insolvency pills, referring to the separate foreclosure by a mortgagee in the insolvency proceeding of a non-debtor mortgagor, the locus standi to bring an action seeking a declaration of breach of a creditors’ arrangement, the complicity in the causing or aggravation of the insolvency or the liability of a director of a subsidiary who followed the instructions issued by the management of the corporate group; and
  • Publications and acknowledgements related to our professional.


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