Tax Commentary 2-2015

Real Decreto-Ley 9/2015, de 2015, de 10 de julio Nuevas escalas de gravamen y tipos de retención para 2015


The Official State Gazette of July 11, 2015 has published Royal Decree-Law 9/2015, of July 10, 2015, on urgent measures to reduce the tax burden on personal income taxpayers and other urgent economic measures.

The main new development is that royal decree-law brings forward to 2015 the second phase of the reduction in personal income tax rates initially scheduled for 2016, which is accompanied by a reduction in the relevant withholding rates starting on July 12, 2015. Also starting on that date, the nonresident income tax rate established for certain items of income and the corporate income tax withholding rate will be reduced. Lastly, measures have been included to reduce the tax on the aid received by groups that are in a situation of hardship.

1. Personal income tax rate

  • 1.1 New tax scales and withholding rates
  • 1.2 Exemptions and other measures

2. Nonresident income tax

3. Corporate income tax


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