Garrigues ranked “Continental Europe’s Most Innovative Firm” for the second year running


In a repeat of last year’s success, Garrigues was named ‘Continental Europe’s Most Innovative Firm’ at the seventh annual FT Innovative Lawyers Awards, an event hosted by the British newspaper, the Financial Times, in recognition of the most innovative initiatives by European law firms

Garrigues was also a finalist in three other categories: ‘Most Innovative Firm in Europe’ (in which UK firms competed), ‘Private Client’ and ‘Client Service’. Lastly, in the ranking published by the Financial Times of the most innovative firms, Garrigues (in 9th place) is the only Spanish firm in Europe’s top ten.

Garrigues’ managing partner, Fernando Vives, collected the award on behalf of the entire Garrigues team at the ceremony held last night in London. “Innovation and client service go hand in hand”, he stated, adding that “today more than ever, new times call for new solutions. This award is a recognition of our lawyers’ work to better serve clients against the backdrop of the new challenges they face”.

Finalist in three other categories

In addition to the above award, Garrigues was also nominated in three other categories: the ‘Most Innovative Firm in Europe’ category, which includes UK firms, and two further nominations recognizing the firm’s excellent professional services. In the Private Client category, which made its first appearance this year, Garrigues was nominated as a finalist for its advisory services to the Catalan jewelry company TOUS. The Financial Times praised the firm’s strategic work, coordinated by Juan Luis Falcón and Manuel Pavón, in drawing up a family and business roadmap for TOUS, developing and executing a family protocol and establishing and implementing its family board. “Being a finalist in this category constitutes a recognition of the work carried out since the Family Business Consulting Department was created, which reflects the firm’s strong commitment to providing tailor-made, original solutions to family businesses and the values they represent,” explained Fernando Vives.

Garrigues secured a fourth nomination in the ‘Client Service’ category, which singles out firms that go a step further in the provision of services, developing creative strategies. The Financial Times praised the advice provided by Garrigues Medio Ambiente to Banco Santander, specifically to its Climate Change Office. The project, which was led by Jesús de la Morena and Ernesto Lluch, involves the pioneering use of social networks to develop new solutions and services to assist Banco Santander in the fight against climate change. In the words of Fernando Vives, “The power of social networks enables us to provide our clients with added value and adapt ourselves to meet their changing needs in a market that is increasingly interconnected and, at the same time, more sustainable”.


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