The Partners’ Meeting, top governing body of the Firm, approved the appointment of 18 new partners

Garrigues invoices 193.6 million in 2005


(28/10/05) Garrigues invoiced 193.6 million Euros for professional fees at the provisional closing of fiscal year 2005 (from September 1, 2004 to August 31, 2005), according to data approved by the Partners’ Meeting of the Firm held in Madrid. The Company’s turnover was 18.6 millions higher than in 2004 (175 million Euros) showing a 10,62 % growth. The Partners’ Meeting also approved the appointment of 18 new partners. The top governing body of the Firm will now have 185 partners. The new partners are in the following fields of practice and offices:

 Barcelona: Miguel Acosta (Commercial), Carlos Rodríguez Pombo (Tax) and Oscar de Santiago (Commercial-Real Estate)
Bilbao: Joseba Larragán (Tax) and Pedro Learreta (Litigation)
Madrid: Roberto Delgado (Commercial), Antonio Entrena (Litigation), Dulce Miranda (Intellectual and Industrial Property), Javier Navarro (Tax), Pablo Olivera (Commercial), Carolina Pina (Intellectual and Industrial Property), Luis Manuel Viñuales (Tax) and Julio Senn (Garrigues Sports&Entertainment)
Murcia: Rafael Jordá (Commercial)
Sevilla: Julio Antonio Pino (Administrative Law) y José Álvaro Pérez Arbizu (Litigation)
Valencia: José Vicente Belenguer (Administrative Law)
Vigo: Francisco Javier García Martínez (Planning & Zoning and Administrative Law)

Garrigues also appointed Lourdes Ramos to General Manager of Human Resources and Manuel Delgado to General Manager of Finance and Administration.


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