Garrigues earns €355.2 million in revenues from professional services in 2011


At the provisional closing of the 2011 fiscal year (September 1, 2010 through August 31, 2011), Garrigues obtained €355.2 million in revenues from professional services, according to the data submitted at the Garrigues Partners’ Meeting held today in Madrid. In percentage terms, this result is up nearly 1% on 2010 billings.

Garrigues is the foremost law firm in continental Europe by billings and professional headcount. During FY11, 1,945 professionals worked at the Firm (including 282 partners). The total employee headcount stood at 2,554 people, including administrative and internal services personnel.

The Firm also boasts the largest Iberian network, with 29 offices in Spain and Portugal, alongside a further 8 international offices in Brussels, Casablanca, London, New York, São Paulo, Shanghai, Tangiers and Warsaw.

The Garrigues Partners’ Meeting today also approved the appointment of 23 new equity partners and 2 non-equity.


The 23 new equity partners, their practice areas and regional offices are:

  • A Coruña: Jesús Andújar (Tax), until today non-equity partner
  • Alicante: Inés Abad (Litigation).
  • Barcelona: Pablo Molina (Administrative); Manuel Santa María (Tax) and Carlota Paytuví (Litigation).
  • Bilbao: Javier Aguado (Litigation).
  • Madrid: Jaime Bragado (Corporate/Commercial), Rafael Calvo (Tax), Francisco Javier de Rojas (Tax), Jaime Iglesias (Litigation), Javier Manchado (Administrative), Máximo Martín (Environmental) and Ildefonso Polo (Corporate/Commercial).
  • Lisbon: Pedro Braz (Tax) and Marta Graça Rodrigues (Corporate/Commercial).
  • Malaga: Joaquín Almoguera (Litigation).
  • Murcia: Octavio Llamas Fuentes (Corporate/Commercial), until today non-equity partner
  • Palma de Mallorca: María Montserrat Más Llull (Tax), until today non-equity partner
  • San Sebastián: Carla Frangoni (Corporate/Commercial).
  • Seville: Bosco Cámara (Litigation) and Rafael López (Labor and Employment).
  • Valencia: Israel García Rico (Corporate/Commercial).
  • Valladolid: Miguel Costales Portilla (Litigation), until today non-equity partner

The 2 new non-equity partners are Gonzalo Barrio (Administrative) and Manuel Cortizo (Corporate/Commercial), both from the La Coruña office.

New corporate governance model

This is the first Partners' Meeting to be held in the wake of the key resolutions adopted at the Alicante meeting back in July, whereby almost all of the partners have become full-equity partners.

The Meeting also set the new retirement age for partners at 60. Up until last year, voluntary retirement could be taken at 56, with the mandatory retirement age being set at 62. The new measure entered into force on September 1 and is subject to a two-year transitional regime.

The third decision adopted brought with it changes to the Firm’s management model, under which the Firm was run, until August 31, by two joint Managing Partners: Fernando Vives and Ricardo Gómez-Barreda. This new fiscal year will see Garrigues headed by a single Managing Partner (Fernando Vives), who will take charge of managing the Firm, while there will be one Senior Partner (Ricardo Gómez-Barreda), whose brief will include handling institutional relations, overseeing the implementation of the Partners’ Meeting resolutions, dealing with conflicts of interest, and advising the Managing Partner whenever necessary.


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