The Partners’ Meeting, the principal governing body, is now composed of 165 members

Garrigues appoints 24 new partners


(03/11/04) The Partners’ Meeting of Garrigues held on 2 November in Madrid, approved the appointment of 24 new partners. The Partners’ Meeting, the Firm’s principal governing body, is now composed of 165 partners.

The new partners and their practice areas and office location are:

Alicante: Álvaro Bertrán (Tax Law).
Barcelona : Javier Arazuri (Labor Law), Josep Ensesa (Litigation and Arbitration), Silvia Sorribas (Corporate&Commercial), Misericordia Borrás (Labor Law).
Bilbao: Begoña de Frutos (Labor Law).
León: Fernando Herrero (Tax Law).
Madrid: Javier Marzo (Corporate&Commercial), Juan Reig (Tax Law), Miguel Ángel Serrano (Litigation and Arbitration), Ramón Tejada (Tax Law), Lorenzo Clemente (Corporate&Commercial), Maria Luisa López Villalba (Labor Law), Antonio Baena (Environment), Paloma Rodríguez (Labor Law), Teresa Arranz (Corporate&Commercial).
Málaga: Alejandro Beigveder (Corporate&Commercial)
Sevilla: Ignacio Montaño (Corporate&Commercial), Rafael Benítez (Tax Law)
Tenerife: Antonio Viñuela (Tax Law)
Valencia: Juan Jesús Martínez Peiró (Tax Law), Juan José Gramaje (Tax Law)
Valladolid: José Luis Zurro (Tax Law)
Vigo: José Antonio Gil del Campo (Tax Law)

Garrigues is the leading Spanish law firm in terms of billings and number of professionals. The Firm currently has 1,360 professionals, distributed as follows:





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