"Contrato-Emprego" Program


It has been published in the Portuguese Official Gazette the Ordinance no. 34/2017, of January 18th, which regulates the creation of the "Contrato-Emprego" measure consisting on the granting of a financial support, under certain requirements, to employers which execute employment contracts with unemployed people registered with the Instituto do Emprego e da Formação Profissional, I. P. (Employment and Professional Training Institute): 

1. In the case of a permanent employment contract, it shall be kept in force for 24 months and the financial support may amount to € 3.791,88; 
2. In the case of a fixed-term employment contract, it shall be kept in force for its initial duration and the financial support may amount to € 1.263,96; 
3. These financial supports may be increased in 10% or 20% depending on the person to be hired and the location of the job in an economically disadvantaged territory; 
4. It is also set forth a bonus for the conversion of fixed-term employment contracts executed under this Ordinance or under the Ordinance no. 149-A/2014, of July 24th, into permanent employment contracts. This conversion bonus corresponds to two monthly basis-salaries up to the amount of € 2.106,60; 
5. The employer shall provide professional training during the granting of financial support. 


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