Technology & Outsourcing

On May 25, 2016 the European Commission adopted a proposal for a Regulation to combat geographical blocking practices (geo-blocking) as part of its strategy to achieve a Digital Single Market. The three main objectives of this initiative are: to ensure that consumers and enterprises have better access to goods online; to create an environment in which digital networks and services can prosper; and to take advantage of the possibilities offered by the digital industry with a view to boosting economic growth.
In general, the terms “accelerator” and “incubator” are used synonymously, although they refer to different concepts with distinct purposes and processes. In order to be able to understand how an incubator or accelerator can contribute to the growth, development or promotion of a startup, we need first to determine and distinguish both notions, by detailing their most important aspects and then listing guideline which we consider useful when it comes to cherry-picking between these.