An informative note was disclosed by the Portuguese Tax Authorities (“PTA”) regarding the monthly communication of invoice elements, which clarifies that this deadline is up to the 15th day of the following month regarding invoices issued until 31st January 2019. From 1st January 2020, this deadline will change to the 12th day of the month following the issuance.
As announced in Order no. 254/2019.XXI, of 27 June, issued by the State Secretary for Tax Affairs, the Portuguese Tax Authorities (“PTA”) disclosed Ofício-Circulado no. 30213/2019, of 1 October, which contains some clarifications regarding SIMPLEX+ plan implemented by Decree-Law no. 28/2019, of 15 February.
Legislative Decree No. 1372, whose regulation was approved through Supreme Decree No. 003-2019-EF, established that legal persons and legal arrangements have the obligation to inform SUNAT about the identity of their ultimate beneficiaries. Nonetheless, up until recently, SUNAT was pending to issue a resolution establishing the procedure, deadlines and conditions in order to comply with such obligation.
Ministry of Finance has published a draft law and a preliminary bill for a royal decree to implement in Spain the EU provisions introducing changes in relation to VAT in intra-Community trade in goods and opens the period for comments and public information. The time limit for sending comments on the instruments is October 18.
Law no.119/2019, 18 September, was officially published, which amends, among others, the transfer pricing regime, namely articles 63, 130 and 138 of the Corporate Income Tax (“CIT”) Code, which establish the transfer pricing regime, the tax file obligations and the advance pricing agreements.