The law, which came into effect the day after its publication, includes important changes to a number of taxes. They include making sweeping amendments to the international fiscal transparency rules, replacing “tax haven” with “non-cooperative jurisdiction” and setting a 15% special levy on undistributed income under the “SOCIMI” regime. It also makes considerable amendments to the General Taxation Law, and changes the rules on the valuation of properties for the purposes of various taxes.
Software as a Service or SaaS, which allows remote technological support to be offered across borders, raises various questions in tax matters in an interconnected world. In this article, Garrigues tax experts analyze the tax treatment of SaaS in different Latin American countries, in a graphic and simplified way.
Among others, it clarifies that when the tax base must be determined provisionally because the taxpayer does not have all the elements necessary for calculating it definitively, the subsequent regularization will not give rise to surcharges but it will give rise to interest
The new double taxation agreement between Spain and China has now also completed the internal legislative procedure in China, and, thus, has entered into force, according to Announcement (2021) No. 16, which was issued by the State Administration of Taxation (SAT) on June 21, 2021 and made public later.
It has been published in the official website of the Portuguese Tax Authority, the postponement of the deadline to comply with the obligation to prepare and submit the transfer pricing file, to which large taxpayers are subject, under article 130, no. 3, of the Corporate Income Tax (IRC) Code, to July 22th, 2021 (in line with the postponement of the submission of the IES/DA).