Garrigues Sustainable

On December 13 the public information period ends for the bill amending Royal Decree 163/2014, creating the carbon footprint, offsetting and CO2 absorption projects register. The measures introduced by the proposed wording include the registration of so-called scope 3 emissions continuing to be voluntary for small and medium-sized companies.
Before the end of the year, organizations would be well-advised to familiarize themselves with the new legislation that will have a bearing on the obligation to prepare the non-financial information statement (NFIS) for 2022 together with the future sustainability reporting landscape.
Sustainability in labor relations, which covers aspects such as respect for human rights and responsibility in the value chain of companies, is occupying an increasingly bigger strategic space in corporate agendas. Moreover, future European initiatives on due diligence and decent work, as well as legislative developments in this regard, which are due to be brought in in Spain in 2022, has heightened interest in the subject.
In the latest of the Garrigues Sustainable Dialogs webinars, the director general of the Spanish Climate Change Agency, Valvanera Ulargui, has reviewed the conclusions of the 26th UN Climate Change Conference (COP26), in which she took part, analyzing outcomes versus expectations. She draws an optimistic conclusion.
G-advisory, Garrigues’ consulting arm offering technical, economic and strategic advice on energy and ESG matters has rebranded its visual identity to align with new market demands. The new image, heavily centered around the color green, seeks to convey the values of the brand, with a clear sustainable commitment.
Sustainability, as the only way to ensure the future of organizations, is one of Garrigues’ strategic pillars, on two fronts: as a tax and law firm, we help our clients address sustainability-related challenges and opportunities in the broadest sense. As an organization, we are firmly committed to ESG principles in the pursuit of our activity.