• Portugal - Real estate capital gains obtained by non-residents: clarifications

    Until 2022 real estate capital gains obtained in Portugal by non-residents were taxed autonomously at the special IRS rate of 28%, except when residing in a Member State of the EU or the European Economic Area and opting to be taxed according to the progressive rates applicable to residents in Portugal from 14.5% to 48%, plus the additional solidarity rate for taxable income exceeding EUR 80,000 (applicable on the exceeding part).
  • Portugal: Temporary VAT exemption to certain food products

    Law no. 17/2023, of April 14, recently approved determines the exceptional and temporary application of VAT exemption to certain food products, from 18 April to 31 October 2023, to mitigate the inflation effect.
  • Municipal surtax rates applicable to 2022 taxable income

    Municipal surtax rates were disclosed through Circular Letter no. 20250, of 31 January 2023, to be paid in 2023, due on the taxable income to be determined in regards to the 2022 fiscal period.
  • Garrigues strengthens its team in Colombia and Spain with the hiring of two new female partners

    Garrigues has reinforced its team with the hiring of two eminent female partners. Mónica Bolaños will form part of the Bogotá tax practice while Mireia del Pozo joins the Barcelona administrative and constitutional law practice. Both appointments, which will be submitted for approval to the next Partners’ Meeting, reflect the firm’s strategy of consolidating its position as a leading provider of business law advice.
  • Portugal: The PIT framework of teleworking expenses was clarified

    Law no. 83/2021, of 6 December, amended the Labour Code with regard to the teleworking regime, now imposing employers to mandatorily bear the costs incurred by employees in this context.
  • Portugal: Procedures to be adopted in view of updating the withholding tax tables applicable in 2023

    Due to the update of the withholding tables applicable to employment income (category A) and pensions (category H), received by residents in mainland Portugal, for the first and second semesters of 2023, the procedures to be adopted by the paying entities of such income have now been disclosed by the Personal Income Tax Services (DSIRS), as set out in the Administrative Information no. 1/2023, of 11/01 and Administrative Information no. 2/2023, of 11/01, respectively.
  • Portugal: Postponement of the deadline for submitting form Model 10 ('Declaração Modelo 10')

    The obligation to submit form Model 10 ("Rendimentos e Retenções – Residentes"), regarding income paid or made available in 2022, may be exceptionally completed until 24 February 2023, without any increases or penalties, according to the Ministerial Order no. 8/2023, of 4 January.
  • Portugal: Average value of construction per square meter for IMI purposes to be in force in 2023

    Em 2023, o valor médio de construção por metro quadrado para efeitos do Imposto Municipal sobre Imóveis passa de EUR 512 para EUR 532, de acordo com a Portaria n.º 7-A/2023, de 3 de janeiro, recentemente publicada.
  • Portugal: New measures of flexibilization of tax obligations compliance

    New measures to facilitate tax obligations compliance were approved through Decree-Law no. 85/2022, of December 21.
  • Portugal: Communication of invoices and inventories and invoices issued in PDF: extension of deadlines in 2023

    The Government approved, through Dispatch n.º 8/2022-XXIII, of 13 December, from the SEAF, a new flexibility of the tax calendar concerning the compliance in 2023 of certain tax obligations on invoicing, in particular regarding the following.