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Tiago Cassiano Neves



Advogado da Garrigues Portugal (desde 2007)

Senior Research Associate of European Knowledge Group (International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation, 2005 - 2007)

International Tax Group - Deloitte & Touche  (Andersen, 2001 - 2004)

Presidência Portuguesa da União Europeia  & Estagio na Avillez Pereira & Associados (1999 - 2000)

Docente Assistente em "Advanced LL.M. in International Taxation" (Prof. Van Raad, 2004)

Formação Académica:

Advanced LL.M Program in International Taxation, Leiden (Holanda)

Licenciatura em Direito pela Universidade Católica Portuguesa (Lisboa) 


  • Exploring the Boundaries of the Application of Article 10(5) of the OECD Model Intertax, 2007 (em co-autoria com Eduardo Arruda Madeira)
  • Budget Bill targets private Equity Venture Capital Investors, Tax Notes International, Novembro de 2007 (em co-autoria com Paulo Núncio)
  • Government eases rules on applying Tax Treaties, Tax Notes International, Janeiro de 2008 (em co-autoria com Paulo Núncio)
  • Portuguese swap agreements change raises Treaty issues, Tax Notes International, Fevereiro de 2008  (em co-autoria com Paulo Núncio)
  • Estratégia de internacionalização e sociedades holding na Europa: aspectos práticos e comparativos (article analyses the main elements and benefits linked to the use of holding companies and identifies potential pitfalls) Revista de direito tributário internacional, Brazil, São Paulo, 2006, no. 2 ; p. 281-309
  • Attribution of Profits to an Agency PE: finding a middle ground, LLM Theseis
  • Book: Taxation in Brazil: an overview, IBFD Latin America Tax Handbook, 2006
  • Book: OECD Model Tax Convention on Income and on Capital and Key Tax Features, IBFD Publications, 2006
  • Lecture - Case Studies on International Tax and use of Holding companies in Europe, November 2007, São Paulo (Brazil)
  • Lecture - Corporate Tax Selected Countries, LLM European Business Law (PALLAS) - December 2007, University of Essex (UK)
  • Lecture - Introduction to tax treaties and taxation of passive income, Master-Course IIR Portugal, May 2008, Lisbon
  • Lecture - The concept of residence for tax treaty purposes, International Tax Center Leiden Summer Course, July 2008, Lieden (Netherlands)