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Tomás Lérida Encinas



Tomás Lérida specializes in tax law, with special emphasis on issues specific to family businesses and to high net worth individuals.

In 1992 Tomás Lérida set up the area of comprehensive advice to family businesses at national level, coinciding with, and actively supporting, the development of regional and national family business associations, as well as of the Family Business Institute itself.

Subsequently, and for over 10 years, he has been the partner in charge at national level of the High Net Worth Taxation and Family Business area, participating in numerous seminars, conferences, publications, etc.

His clients include both major family business groups and high net worth individuals, as well emerging small-sized family businesses. 

His experience with these clients goes beyond tax matters to include legal aspects such as civil law (inheritances, gifts, leases), corporate law (restructurings) and he also been the partner in charge of numerous multidisciplinary projects relating to:

  • Asset and corporate restructurings of family groups.
  • Design of generational changes at family businesses from a tax and legal standpoint.
  • Sale/purchase planning for family businesses.
  • Monitoring of inspections and subsequent judicial appeals.

In addition, Tomás Lérida has led a group of professionals in the tax department for over 20 years, having formed a valuable group of specialists, most of whom are now partners of the firm.

Given his proven track record, he is considered a notable practitioner, serving as a consultative member on the governing boards of major companies and nonprofit organizations.

He is also a member of the Barcelona Bar Association.

A pioneer in Wealth and Tax Planning in Spain, considered to be a multidisciplinary area (direct and indirect taxation, financial and real estate aspects, civil law, etc.) aimed at protecting family wealth and enabling it to grow.
As a consequence, he is an expert in tax and civil law as it affects individuals (personal income tax, wealth tax, inheritance and gift tax), and its interrelation with corporate, financial, real estate and artistic assets of large estates.
Moreover, in view of the nature of his client base, he is also an expert in the taxation of family businesses and their special characteristics (generation of cash for the family, governing bodies, succession plans, generational change, etc.).
Lastly, he regularly works with family business consultants, adopting a global, yet focused, approach to his practice areas.

Involvement in postgraduate programs offered by ESADE.

Barcelona Bar Association

Academic background:

Degree in Law and Economics, Universidad Pontificia de Comillas. Master’s Degree in Financial and Tax Management, CESEM. Master’s Degree in Tax, Instituto de Empresa, Madrid.


Co-author of books and publications on personal income tax and has written articles in the financial and general press on a variety of tax-related issues.