Sandra Iglesias Babío


Languages Known:

  • English
  • Spanish

Sandra Iglesias Babío

Principal associate


Sandra Iglesias Babío is a principal associate responsible for the Litigation and Arbitration practice at the Firm’s office in Vigo.

She has extensive experience in advising both public and private entities on a broad array of matters including intellectual property, legal counsel in arbitration proceedings, white-collar crime and accidents, oral and ordinary debt recovery proceedings, advising financial institutions on banking law matters, real estate and construction law, order for payment, enforcement, mortgage foreclosure and bill of exchange proceedings, rent recovery proceedings, contract terminations and eviction, petitions for and objections to injunctive relief, advising insurance entities on non-contractual liability matters, advising companies and directors on corporate law procedures, advising on intellectual property matters: trademark, patent, etc. proceedings, advising companies on the gathering of evidence and the subsequent judicial proceeding concerning the performance and breach of contracts, advising on family and inheritance law.

She also provides recurring advice to both private and public companies on matters relating to litigation, insolvency, criminal law, and intellectual property.

She was a lecturer at Escuela de Practica Juridica of La Coruña (“Decano Iglesias Corral”), where she taught for three years in the seminar on intellectual property.

She is a regular speak in seminars and conferences conducted by the Firm, APD, APEC, the Galicia Confederation of Employers and the Vigo Chamber of Commerce, as well as in courses and talks on current legal topics. 

Academic background:

Graduated with a Law Degree from Universidad de La Coruña in 1995 and subsequently completed the general course at Escuela de Práctica Jurídica del Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de La Coruña (1995-1997).