Ramon Girbau Pedragosa

Ramon Girbau Pedragosa



Estudio Legal (1987-1989). Joined Garrigues in 1989. Areas of expertise: public and private mergers and acquisitions, securities, financing and corporate law. 
Credentials: Chambers, The European Legal 500, IFLR 1000, Guide to the World’s Leading Mergers and Acquisitions Lawyers, PLC M&A Yearbook, PLC Cross-border Mergers and Acquisitions Handbook, Euromoney Legal, Banking Finance and Transactional Law Expert Guides, and European Legal Experts.


Academic background:

LLB, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, 1979-1984
Licence spéciale en droit européen, Institut d’Études Européenes, Université Libre de Bruxelles, 1986-1987
Associate lecturer on corporate law, Universidad Ramon Llull / Esade, Corporate Governance, 1989-2012; Lecturer on corporate law, Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF), 2013-2016


Reforms bring Spanish hybrid capital onshore, International Financial Law Review (IFLR), November 2005 (co-author)
Statutory Régime of the Listed Company: Specificity and Anti-Takeover Clauses (*) in Vives, F. / Pérez-Ardá, J. (coordinators), “La sociedad cotizada”, Marcial Pons, Madrid, 2006, pages 127-160
International Migration of Companies: A Multidisciplinary Review (*), in Sánchez Álvarez, M. (coordinator), Legal Studies on Business Restructuring Transactions (*), Marcial Pons, Madrid, 2008, pages 391-456 (co-author)
Legal issues on corporate mergers under the Spanish Law on Corporate Structural Modifications (*), Revista de Derecho de Sociedades, 2009/2, no. 33, pages 159-171
Financing agreements and preference in insolvency proceedings: Royal Decree-Law 5/2005 and initial case law (*), in Fernández, A. and Sánchez Álvarez, M. (editors),  Legal Perspectives on Corporate Crisis and Bankruptcy:, Marcial Pons, Madrid, 2010, pages 491-510 (co-author)
Merger of savings banks, issuance of convertible preferent participations and the Spanish Fund for the Orderly Restructuring of the Banking Sector (*), Revista de Derecho del Mercado de Valores, 8/2011, pages 135-139 (co-author)
Restrictions on executive compensation in credit institutions: means, intervention and corporate governance (*), Revista de Derecho Bancario y Bursátil (*), n. 129/2013, pages 173-204
IBA Takeover Guide, first edition (2007) and second edition (2014), International Bar Association (co-author)
Director’s and executive compensation in financial institutions. A review in the light of Spanish laws 10/2014, 31/2014 and 11/2015 (*), Revista de Derecho Bancario y Bursátil, n. 140/2015, pages 147-189
The Spanish Deposit Guarantee Fund: bank restructuring, asset protection schemes and the European Deposit Insurance System (*), Revista de Derecho Bancario y Bursátil, n. 144/2016, pages 53-82.
Accelerated stakebuilding and reverse bookbuilding on the shares of a Spanish listed corporation (*), AMA (2017), pages 369-385 (coauthor)
Recent addresses: Three topics on joint-ventures and regulatory-relevant changes of corporate control: accounting consolidation, merger control and mandatory offers, International Bar Association, IBA European Corporate and Private M&A Conference, Paris (2013); Corporate governance in banks and financial institutions, IBA Annual General Conference, Vienna (2015); Material adverse change in European M&A; IBA European Coorporate and Private M&A Conference, Paris (2016).
Other publications: Edition, translation of and notes (co-author) to Brandeis, L.D., Other People’s Money and How the Bankers Use It, Ariel, Barcelona, first edition 1994, second edition 2013. Review of Badinter, R., Un antisémitisme ordinaire. Vichy et les avocats juifs (1940-1944), Fayard, Paris, 1997, Revista Jurídica de Catalunya, 1998/1, pages 301-302. Translations of Gracq, J., Les aigües estretes (Les eaux étroites), Quaderns Crema, Barcelona, 2007; Ponge, F., El sabó (Le savon), Días Contados, Barcelona, 2010; Caillois, R., Pedres (Pierres), Días Contados, 2011; and Poincheval, A., L’espessor de la muntanya (L’Epaisseur de la montagne), Días Contados, 2017.
(*) Originally published in Spanish. For further information, see the Spanish version of the CV