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Manuel Pacheco

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Manuel Pacheco Manchado



Manuel Pacheco joined the Government Legal Service in 1987, where he performed the duties inherent in this particular management body in the area of litigation (defending the public interest before the courts) and the provision of advisory services to the authorities.

Of the positions he has held throughout his career, the following are particularly noteworthy: Head of the Government Legal Service in Las Palmas (1988-1990) and Barcelona (1991-1992), Head of Legal Services at the State Tax Office (1992-1996), Head of the Human Resources and Economic Administration Department at the State Tax Office (1997-1998), Technical General Secretary and Sub-secretary at the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (2001-2003) and, most recently, Head of the Government Legal Service at the National Court (2005-2007) and the Supreme Court (from 2007 until joining Garrigues).

Has been appointed by the Instituto Nacional de Administración Pública on numerous occasions as lecturer on advanced courses for public officials.

He has also delivered classes at the Escuela de la Hacienda Pública on courses aimed at the induction and advanced training of officials in the service of the State Tax Office and has participated in seminars organized by this training institution.

He was awarded the Distinguished Cross (First Class) of the Order of San Raimundo de Peñafort, granted by Order of June 24, 1997; the Great Cross of the Order of Isabel la Católica, granted by Royal Decree of May 7, 2004; an Honorary Distinction for Outstanding Merits of the State Tax Authorities, granted by Resolution of its President on December 3, 2004; the Cross of Honor of the Order of San Raimundo de Peñafort, granted by Order of January 19, 2010; and the Great Cross of Naval Merit, granted by Royal Decree on 23 December 2010.


Academic background:

Degree in Law, Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Centro de Estudios Universitarios San Pablo – CEU), 1982.

Member of the Government Legal Service (1987).

Service inspector at the Ministry of Economy and Finance (1999).

Master’s degree in Senior Public Management, Instituto de Administración Pública and Escuela de Organización Industrial, 2010.


He has had several professional articles of general interest published. Worthy of note in this connection is the article entitled “La revocación de los actos de gestión tributaria tras la Ley 30/1992” (“The revocation of administrative tax acts after Law 30/1992”), which was published in edition 70 of the journal Crónica Tributaria.

He was involved in preparing the “Código Militar” (“Military Code”), published by Editorial Aranzadi (Pamplona, 1999).