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He has a high level of expertise in public law, planning and zoning and antitrust matters. He is the partner in charge of the administrative law department at the Barcelona office . Recently, he has taken on leadership of the Garrigues Smart City Group. He appears in the main benchmark publications as an expert on these matters.

He is a regular speaker at specialist seminars organized, among others, by the Barcelona Bar Association, Universidad Pompeu Fabra, Association of Building Developers and Construction Firms, Universidad Internacional Menéndez y Pelayo, Universidad Carlos III, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Federació de Municipis de Catalunya, Associació de Municipis de Catalunya, Esade, Universidad de Barcelona, the Cataluña Economists Association and the Smart City Congress.

He was a member of the Committee of Experts for the study and diagnosis of the state of public procurement, set up by the Ministry of Finance in 2004.

He was called up by the Lower House of the Spanish Parliament as an expert on the process for approval of the Antitrust Law, and by the Catalan Government as a public procurement expert in 2005.

Member of the “Zoning/Social Cohesion” Strategy Subcommittee for the preparation of the Barcelona Metropolitan Strategic Plan.



Academic background:

Degree in Law, Faculty of Law, Universitat de Barcelona (1987).

Master’s Degree in Comparative Law, Faculty of Law, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (1991).

Doctor of Law, Tenured Professor in Administrative Law and lecturer at Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona since 1990.


He has published over 15 books or chapters of books and more than 20 journal articles, as well as articles in the mainstream press. He has been editor of the Fundación ICO Antitrust Yearbook since its creation in 1996. Noteworthy publications include:

“Administrative Antitrust Law” (*) 1995; “Barriers to Entry in Telecommunication Infrastructure” (*) 2000; “The Setting-up of Large Retail Establishments” (*), 1998; “The So-called ‘Second License” in the Trade Law” (*), Idelco, 1999; “Inventory of Land Problems” (*) in Suelo y precio de la vivienda, 1995; “Competition Law and Policy in Spain: Implementation in an Interventionist Tradition” in Regulating Europe; “Regulation of Retail Trade. Commentaries on Law 7/1996 and on Organic Law 2/1996, both of January 15” (*) 1996; “Legislative Evolution and Administrative Organization of Planning and Zoning in Cataluña” (*) in El nuevo Derecho Urbanístico. Estudios sobre el marco jurídico del urbanismo en Cataluña, 1999; “Concentrations and Retail Business; an Overview of Spanish Practice in Concentrations in the Retail Sector,” Antitrust & Competition Review 2004; “Connecting Factors in Law 1/2002” (*) in La modernización del derecho de la competencia. En España y en la Unión Europea, 2005; Commentaries on several articles in Comentarios a la Ley de Contratos de las Administraciones Públicas, 2003; “Regulation and Competition. Limits and Connections” (*) in Derecho de la regulación económica, 2009.

(*) Originally published in Spanish. For further information, see Spanish version of CV.