Juan de la Fuente Gutiérrez


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Juan de la Fuente Gutiérrez



Juan de la Fuente has pursued his professional career at J&A Garrigues S.L.P. since 1999, starting out at the Madrid office before transferring to Pamplona. He is currently the Partner in charge of the Litigation and Arbitration Department at the Pamplona office. 
He specializes in the defense and case management of litigation of a civil and corporate/commercial nature: obligations and agreements, noncontractual liability, business law, side agreements, unfair competition, intellectual and industrial property, construction, distribution, etc. 
Part of his professional practice deals with alternative dispute resolution or “ADR”. He regularly acts in proceedings before arbitration courts, in both domestic and international arbitration proceedings. He has also practiced as an arbitrator and acted in mediation proceedings. 
Juan de la Fuente has a wealth of experience of advising on and resolving corporate disputes, challenging corporate resolutions and taking civil and criminal action to seek the liability of directors. He also regularly advises media outlets on pre-litigation and litigation-related issues with respect to fundamental rights. He has also acted on claims relating to sports clubs and professional sportsmen and women. 
Juan de la Fuente is also an expert in Navarre “Foral” Law, with an in-depth knowledge of succession-related matters.
Moreover, De la Fuente can boast a wealth of experience of criminal law, white collar and corporate crime, offenses against workers’ rights and intellectual and industrial property-related crimes, to mention but a few. 
He plays an active role in insolvency proceedings, defending the interests of companies, advising financial institutions and taking part in asset acquisitions. 
Juan de la Fuente has contributed to the Master’s Degree in Business Law at Universidad de Navarra and the Master’s Program on Access to the Legal Profession at Universidad Pública de Navarra. He also lectures at the Insolvency Forum organized by Aranzadi. 
Elsewhere, the Garrigues Partner is a regular speaker at seminars and conferences staged by the Firm and an array of specialist centers, and has written for various publications on a host of subjects relating to nonperforming loans, the right to honor, privacy and personal portrayal, arbitration, mediation, insolvency-related issues, etc. 
He is currently a member of the Pamplona Bar Association. 

Academic background:

Degree in Law from the University of Navarre.

Master’s Degree in Corporate Law, from the Instituto de Empresa.

Specialist in Navarra Civil Foral Law by the Public University of Navarre. 


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