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Juan Antonio Pacheco Castellanos



Juan Antonio Pachecho is the partner in charge of the Firm’s Alicante office.

Juan Antonio has spent his entire professional career in the Firm’s tax practice, with particular focus on the taxation of family business, groups of companies, corporate reorganizations, taxation of public authorities and accountancy law.

Regular speaker at seminars and conferences organized by the Firm and by various centers and frequent contributor to various publications.

Teaching experience:

Master’s Degree courses:

  • Master’s Degree in Auditing: Tax Due Diligence Module. Universidad de Elche (Alicante, 2001).
  • Master’s Degree in Auditing and Business Administration: Taxation and Tax Treatment module. Alicante Economists’ Association (Alicante, 2001).
  • Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA), Fundesem. Lecturer on Tax Consolidation module (Alicante and Murcia, 2002-2006).
  • Master’s Degree in Economic and Financial Management (MDEF), Fundesem: Lecturer on Tax Consolidation module (Alicante, 2003-2006).
  • Master’s Degree in Tax Counseling for Businesses (MAFE) and Master’s Degree in Legal Counseling for Businesses (MAJE), Fundesem: (Alicante, 2001-present).

Other courses:

  • Corporate Income Tax Symposiums. Alicante Official Association of Administrative Agents (Annual contributions between 1999 and 2003).
  • Course on the Consolidated Tax Regime. Fundación Bancaja. (Valencia, 1999).
  • Seminar on Personal Income Tax for Professionals. Alicante Association of Quantity Surveyors (Alicante, 1999).
  • Fiscal Transparency Regime. Alicante Official Association of Administrative Agents. (Alicante, 2000).
  • Tax, Labor/Employment and Legal Update for Companies. Fundación Bancaja. (Alicante, 2000).
  • Course on Corporate Transactions for Business Restructuring. Castilla la Mancha Autonomous Community Government Department of Education and Culture. (Toledo, 2001).
  • Seminars on the Taxation of Holding Companies following the Enactment of Law 36/2006 (Alicante, 2006).
  • Seminar on the Main Changes to the New Spanish National Chart of Accounts (Alicante and Elche, 2007.
  • Seminar on Tax Implications for Real Estate Appraisers of Providing Services through Commercial Companies rather than Personally (Alicante, Headquarters of Caja de Ahorros del Mediterraneo (CAM) 2007)
  • Workshop on Accounting Reform. Tax and Commercial Aspects (Alicante, 2008).
  • Course on New Developments in relation to Property, Plant and Equipment following the Approval of the New Spanish National Chart of Accounts (Alicante Association of Administrative Agents, 2008).
  • Tax and Legal Update for Companies (Elche and Alicante, COEPA, 2011).
  • VAT Treatment of Public Authorities (various courses given to public authorities from 2005 to date)
  • Course on the Acquisition, Sale and Purchase of Companies and Businesses (Orihuela Chamber of Commerce, 2011)
  • Course on the Special Tax Return (2012).
  • Tax Update Seminar (Ineca 2012)
  • Course on Taxation in Insolvency Proceedings (Fundesem, 2012)

Member of the Valencia Economists’ Association.




Academic background:

Degree in Economics and Business Studies, Universidad Complutense de Madrid (June 1995).

Master’s Degree in Tax Advisory Services, Business School of Valencia) (June 1996).


  • Contributions to the Spanish Tax System by José María Piernas Hurtado (1843-1911). (DIEZ ECONOMISTAS ESPAÑOLES DEL SIGLO XIX).
  • The True and Fair View and the Spanish National Chart of Accounts (Nueva Etapa).
  • New Tax Developments in 2011 (Información).
  • New Tax Developments in 2012 (Información).
  • Comments on the Special Tax Return (El Mundo, May 2012)