José Vicente Belenguer

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Languages Known:

  • Spanish
  • English

José Vicente Belenguer


Academic background:

Degree in Law, majoring in public law, from Universidad de Valencia.

Postgraduate certificate in research (1994) after completing the administrative law doctorate courses at Universidad de Valencia and registration of a doctoral thesis entitled: “Industry regulation from a public law standpoint”.


  • Publication of the presentation delivered on urban planning instruments entitled “Town planning in Valencia Autonomous Community” (*), published by Delta (2003).
  • “Guide on the delimitation and establishment of groundwater catchment protection perimeters for public supply” (*). Ministry of the Environment (2002).
  • Publication in the journal REDA no. 273 (January-April 1997) of the article entitled “Fixed connection charges in public services for drinking water and electricity” (*).
  • Publication of the presentation delivered on the III Autonomous Community Public Law Course (targeted at judges and included within the 1995 Advanced Training Plan of the General Council of the Judiciary) entitled “Judicial review and staffing. Focus on the difficulties in enforcing judgments concerning staff” (*).
  • Coauthor of the handbook entitled “Urban Management and Planning in Valencia Autonomous Community”. C.E.D. 2nd edition, having written the chapter on “Master Planning in Valencia Autonomous Community” (*).

(*) originally published in Spanish