José Segarra García-Argüelles


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  • English
  • Spanish


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José Segarra García-Argüelles



José Segarra García-Argüelles is counsel in the Administrative Law, Planning and Zoning, and Environmental practices.

He has extensive experience in the following areas:

In the area of administrative procurement, he provides recurring advice to several clients in the private sector on their contractual relationships with the public authorities, as well as on their participation in invitations to tender called by the authorities.

In particular, he has acted in a large number of public infrastructure projects under public-private partnership arrangements.

In the area of the environment, he has provided legal advice to clients in the context of environmental due diligence reviews, environmental action license grant procedures, contaminated soil procedures, as well as penalty procedures.

In the planning and zoning area, he advises numerous clients from the public and private sectors on the three components of this activity (planning, zoning management and zoning enforcement).

In the field of special properties (water, coasts, ports, mines and forests), he advises multiple clients from the private sector; in particular, he has acted in numerous matters relating to mines and coasts.

He also has a wealth of experience in all kinds of proceedings of both an administrative (administrative appeals, penalty proceedings, public procurement, etc.) and judicial review nature.

He is a lecturer in the Legal Architecture course in the Bachelor’s Decree in Law at Universidad Cardenal Herrera (CEU), a lecturer in the Garrigues Executive Master’s in Business Law, and a lecturer in the Legal Practice Workshop in the Bachelor’s Degree in Law at Universidad Europea Valencia.

He has been a speaker in conferences organized by various business and professional associations (La Safor Developers Association, Valencia Employers Association (CEV), National Association of Aggregate Manufacturing Businesses (ANEFA), Valencia Aggregate Enterprises Association (ARIVAL), etc.).

He is a member of the Valencia Bar Association.

Academic background:

Degree in Law, Universidad de Valencia, 1995-2000.

Master’s Degree in Legal Counseling for Businesses, Fundación de Estudios Bursátiles y Financieros.