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José María Anguiano Jiménez



José María Anguiano has extensive expertise in the provision of legal advice on electronic matters, having amassed 23 years’ experience advising technology firms, first as a founding partner of law firm Anguiano & Asociados and, since 2000, as a Garrigues partner.

He currently focuses on technology litigation, having become convinced, in light of his technological know-how and legal expertise, that the outcome of lawsuits involving electronic matters or in which electronic evidence is adduced would be conditional upon the lawyer’s ability to: (i) understand the evidentiary value of computerized records; and (ii) convey the strengths and/or weaknesses of such records to the courts.

His particular skill set makes him a legal authority on new trends in presenting evidence: e-mail and other electronic communications, hard drives, violation of fundamental rights in the obtainment of electronic evidence, the issuing of electronic certificates confirming the parties’ intentions, the submission and taking of electronic evidence in different jurisdictions.

He has broad experience in electronic contracts, providing commercial law advice to companies that license or sell software, as well as companies providing IT services of all kinds. He has been retained as recurring adviser to major multinationals engaging in the exploitation of digital works or the provision of electronic services.

In addition, he is also a renowned expert on IP matters, mainly with respect to intellectual creations closely linked to digital media: computer programs, databases, digital multimedia works, musical creations, etc.

For many years, José María Anguiano has been ranked a leading lawyer in his practice areas by the most prestigious directories.

Since 2004 he has coordinated Foro de las Evidencias Electrónicas, an electronic evidence think tank dedicated to analyzing, debating and raising awareness of electronic evidence.

General Secretary of the Spanish Intellectual Property Law Association.

Lecturer in Intellectual Property and New Technologies (ICADE).

Regular speaker at seminars and conferences.




Academic background:

Degree in Law, Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

Regular speaker at seminars and conferences.


Numerous articles and publications, notably including articles published in recent years, such as “The Theory of Electronic Media” (*) in La Ley (May 2013), “The Ley Sinde and its links” (*) in El Derecho (November 2012), “Scope of liability of intermediary service providers on the internet”, “Web administrators: scope of their liability” (*) in El Comentario (March 5, 2011), “Anonymous: the digital mask” (*) in Expansión (April 17, 2012), “Electronic third parties: consumer distance contracts” (*) (November 2013), among others.

(*) originally published in Spanish. For more information see Spanish CV.