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Jesús Ángel Sánchez Veiga



Jesús Ángel Sánchez Veiga is the partner in charge of the Litigation and Arbitration department of the La Coruña office, and of the Restructuring & Insolvency practice in Galicia.

He has pursued his professional career at Garrigues since September 2001, having previously been linked to other joint projects in Galicia in the area of business law.

He specializes in litigation and insolvency in general, with multidisciplinary expertise and in-depth knowledge of the world of business law, having performed numerous engagements dealing with tax, corporate and labor law matters in the course of his career.

He also has experience in specific sectors of the legal industry, such as banks and savings banks, as well as of the core business community in Galicia, family businesses, which have their own particular problems and structures.

He has also participated in several M&A transactions, as well as in the implementation of business ventures, start-ups and processes for expanding businesses and activities, among others.

Jesús is also a regular speaker at seminars and conferences organized by the firm and by various specialist centers.

In recent years he has carried out extensive professional work and training in restructuring and insolvency proceedings, having led several major insolvency proceedings and corporate refinancing projects in Galicia. He is a noted lawyer in the field, with a leading reputation in court and with financial institutions, in light of his deep theoretical knowledge and clear practical approach to problem-solving in his professional practice.

He maintains a very active presence on the Governing Board of the Bar Association and of the School of Legal Practice, having promoted several successful collective training projects, both in terms of attendance and quality. He also has close ties with the Galicia Economists Association, being recognized as a permanent contributor, resolving professional problems and concerns of both groups, strengthening these ties and joint professional collaboration spaces.

Academic background:

Law degree, Universidad de Santiago de Compostela (1984-1989).

Master’s degree in Business Law (Cum Laude), Universidad de Navarra (1991-1992).

Various classes taught on several courses, including Master’s Degree courses: IFFE, Escuela de Negocios Novagalicia.

Speaker:  “Arrangements with creditors: special content of the arrangement” (*). 7th Insolvency Law Seminars, Pontevedra Chamber of Commerce, May 31, 2012.

Speaker: “The arrangement with creditors” (*). Specialist Practical Course in Insolvency Law. La Coruña Bar Association and La Coruña Economists Association. April 27, 2012.

Speaker: “Co-existence of insolvency managers and company managers” (*), 4th Galician Insolvency Law Symposium. Galicia Economists Association, Santiago de Compostela, October 28, 2010.

Speaker: “Insolvency orders at real estate companies; Impact on contracts executed” (*). Acquisition of Housing and the Economic Crisis. Economic difficulties and insolvency of real estate companies. Universidad de Santiago De Compostela, Santiago, June 25, 2010.

Speaker: “Refinancing, pre-insolvency situations and general aspects of insolvency proceedings. Reference to the advanced proposal” (*). Wealth: business and personal in times of crisis. Aproinco, La Coruña, March 16, 2010.

Speaker: “Refinancing and the advance proposal for an arrangement” (*). 3rd Galician Insolvency Law Symposium, La Coruña Economists Association, Lugo, October 15, 2009.

Speaker: “Electronic evidence” (*). Procedural evidence of e-procurement. Garrigues, La Coruña, May 29, 2007.


Various publications in the field of economics and business in journals and newspapers in Galicia.
Co-author of the collective work "Business crisis and competition: practical legal commentaries" (*) published by Garrigues.
3 articles on tax matters in the journal Quincena Fiscal published by Editorial Aranzadi.
Co-author of the work "A practical guide to family and the tax system", published by Editorial Aranzadi.
Co-author of "Personal income tax code" published by Editorial Aranzadi.
Article entitled “Revenue stamps, bills of exchange, and effective judicial protection" (*) in the journal Revista Jurisprudencia Tributaria (2004).

(*) Originally published/given in Spanish. See Spanish CV for more details.