Javier García Luengo


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  • English
  • German
  • Spanish

Javier García Luengo

Senior associate


Javier García Luengo is an academic advisor with the rank of senior associate in the practice areas of Administrative Law and Planning and Zoning.

He has over twenty years’ experience in all areas of administrative law and has advised private individuals, administrative bodies and other public sector entities in matters relating to planning law, public procurement (and public sector procurement), public employment, condemnation, administrative intervention in the economy and the liability of public authorities.

He also provides recurring advice on matters such as administrative organization, public employment and public procurement to local and regional authorities.

He has been a Professor of Administrative Law at Universidad de Oviedo since 1996 and has held tenure since 2004. He lectures on both the undergraduate and the master’s degree courses and he serves as advisor for PhD theses.

He has lectured and spoken at institutions such as the Spanish National Public Administration Institute, the “Adolfo Posada” Public Administration Institute of Asturias, the Public Administration Institute of the Canary Islands, the Public Administration Studies Center of Cantabria and the Municipal and International Cooperation Study Center under the aegis of the Granada Provincial Government (CEMCI). He has also spoken at seminars organized by institutions of recognized standing such as Bergen University (Norway), the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law, the Law Institute of Lithuania and the Spanish Association of Tax Advisors – AEDAF.

Javier García Luengo is a member of the Spanish Association of Administrative Law and a non-practicing member of the Oviedo Bar Association.

He has translated into Spanish in conjunction with other prestigious academics, German legal scholars of the stature of Eberhard Schmidt-Assmann and Hartmut Maurer.

Academic background:

PhD in Law, July 1998. His thesis was on the principle of legitimate expectations in Spanish Administrative Law, which he defended before a panel chaired by Prof. Dr. Eduardo Garcia de Enterria, receiving the top rating of summa cum laude.

Degree in Law, June 1995, with average grade of outstanding. He received the Miguel Traviesas special prize awarded by the Faculty of Law of Universidad de Oviedo.


He is author of four academic monographs published by the prestigious publishing house Civitas (Thomson-Reuters group) on the principle of legitimate expectations in Spanish Administrative Law, the invalidity of administrative decisions, actions for annulment in EU Law, and the reimbursement of public subsidies. He served as coordinator of the first handbook on public employment law in the Principality of Asturias published by the equally prestigious publishing house Iustel.

His more than fifty articles and book chapters published in Spanish and English include articles published in recent years in the Revista de Administración Publica, Revista Española de Derecho Administrativo, Revista General de Derecho Administrativo and Revista Española de Derecho Europeo, together with contributions to books published by internationally prestigious publishers such as Hart (Oxford), various subsidiaries of Thomson Reuters (Civitas, Aranzadi, Lex Nova), Marcial Pons, Tirant Blanch and Iustel.

He is among the top 3% of the most cited authors in administrative law according to the index published by Universidad de Granada In-RECJ.