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Francisco Perales Madueño is a partner in Garrigues’ Administrative and Zoning and Planning Law Department in Madrid, where he has pursued his professional career since joining the firm in 2001.

He has been involved in the following planning teams:

  • Adviser on the review of the Madrid Master Plan, approved by cabinet resolution on April 17, 1997.
  • Review of the Santander Master Plan.
  • Review of the Cáceres Master Plan.
  • Review, in process, of the Don Benito Master Plan.
  • Review, in process, of the Villanueva de la Serena Master Plan.
  • Two reviews of the La Coruña Master Plan.
  • Review and adjustment of the Palencia Master Plan in view of the 1992 Land Law.
  • “El Cañaveral” specific area plan of the Madrid Master Plan.
  • Recoletos-Prado special plan, Madrid.
  • Amendment of the Burgos Master Plan, with detailed planning for the rail line.
  • Specific area plan for the AHS Torrelodones Sector.
  • Special plan for La Marina de Sotogrande.

He has been involved in the establishment of Development Apportionment Boards and in the preparation of Apportionment and Reparceling Plans for private parties and municipal councils. These include:

  • Apportionment Plan for Plaza de Castilla in Madrid (Kio Towers).
  • Development Apportionment Board and Apportionment Plan for the Vicálvaro Industrial Park, Madrid.
  • Development Apportionment Board and Apportionment Plan for PERI 8-11. Fuencarral. Madrid.
  • Development Apportionment Board and Apportionment Plan for "Los Bomberos" (Torrelodones).
  • Apportionment Plan for E.D. 18.4 of the Madrid Master Plan.
  • Apportionment Plan of PERI 12.11 BUTARQUE of the Madrid Master Plan.
  • Development Apportionment Board and Apportionment Plan for the Zoning Program relating to SANCHINARRO. Madrid.
  • Board and Reparceling Plan for Sector El Cañaveral of the Madrid Master Plan.
  • Development Apportionment Board and Apportionment Plan for APE. Poza de la Sal. Madrid.
  • Development Apportionment Board and Apportionment Plan for APE. TOMAS LOPEZ/LUIS VILLA.  Madrid.
  • Apportionment Plan for Lomas, Marbella.
  • Apportionment Plan for La Marina del Puente (Marbella).
  • Development Apportionment Board and Apportionment Plan for Sector 14D.01.01 for the company "Alcaidesa Costain Agromán, S.A." (La Línea de la Concepción).
  • Development Apportionment Board for La Marina de Sotogrande (San Roque).
  • Apportionment Plan for Islantilla.
  • Development Apportionment Board for Sector UZP 2.01 “El Cañaveral” of the Madrid Master Plan and Reparceling Plan.
  • Development Apportionment Board for Invespania and Reparceling Plan, San Roque.
  • Legal advice on the proceeding concerning the Specific Amendment of the Secondary Provisions of the Municipal Council of Humanes, Madrid, relating to Sectors N, O and P of such Provisions, and zoning contract. Area 290,075 m2, total homogenized buildable area, 166,250 m2.
  • Legal advice on the drafting and processing of the Specific Area Plan of Sector APR-12 of Humanes, Madrid (Madrid), currently in process; area 140,744 m2, total homogenized buildable area, 90,250 m2.

Francisco Perales Madueño’s legislative experience notably covers his involvement and leadership in the following matters:

  • Reform of the Land Law, of May 12, 1956, approved by the Law of May 2, 1975.
  • Revised Land Law of April 9, 1976.
  • Regulations on Zoning Management.
  • Law of the Autonomous Community of Galica, adapting the Revised Law of April 9, 1976 and new Galicia Land Law of 1997.
  • Land and Valuation Law 6/98, of April 13, 1968.
  • Studies for the Autonomous Communities of Galicia and the Balearic Islands.

Member of the Central Government Senior Administrative Staff, holding the following posts until 1983:

Holding the following zoning-related positions, among others, in the Ministry of Housing and the Ministry of Public Works and Zoning, as well as in the Instituto de Estudios y Administración Local:

  • General Secretary of the Directorate-General of Zoning, at the former Ministry of Housing.
  • Sub-Director General of Management at the Directorate-General of Zoning at the same Ministry.
  • Director of the Center for Zoning Studies at the Institute of Local Administration Studies.
  • Director General of Zoning and Regional Activities at the Ministry of Public Works and Zoning.
  • Director of the National Zoning Institute.
  • Chairman of various public zoning management companies.
  • Adviser to the Zoning Commission of the Madrid Independent Business Confederation (CEIM).

He was lecturer on Zoning Law at:

  • Centro de Estudios Garrigues - director of the Executive Zoning Course.
  • Centro de Estudios Urbanos, IEAL.
  • Centro Superior de Arquitectura.
  • Conferences and courses on zoning at other centers.

Member of Madrid Bar Association.




  • Member of the Advisory Board of Revista de Derecho Urbanístico (Zoning Law Journal).
  • Various contributions to Revista de Derecho Urbanístico and Ciudad y Territorio (journals on zoning law) among others.
  • Contributor to the Legal Section of the Zoning Journal of the Madrid Official Association of Architects.
  • Coordinator of “Zoning Legislation and Case Law” (*), published by IEAL in 1981.
  • Coauthor of “The High Cost of Land. Causes and Solutions” (*). Fundación de Estudios Inmobiliarios. La Ley – Actualidad. 2000.
  • Author of the chapter on planning implementation in the collective work "Treaty on Municipal Law”*, coordinated by the Professor of Zoning Law, Santiago Muñoz Machado, published by Editorial Civitas in 2011.
  • Planning Implementation” (*), published by IUSTEL, 2006.
  • Collective work: “Local Authorities. Studies In Praise of Angel Ballesteros” (*) La Ley Actualidad 2011. Article: “Administrative silence and the approval of administrative plans and acts of zoning nature” (*). September 2011

(*) originally published in Spanish