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Fernando Zarama Vásquez

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Fernando Zarama is a Tax Lawyer with over 30 years in the tax, commercial and administrative fields. He has a degree in “Tax Institutions and Techniques” at the Escuela de Hacienda Pública de España and in “Tax Auditing” at Fundación Getulio Vargas de Rio de Janeiro Brasil.

He has acted as Head of the Colombian Tax and Customs Authority (Dirección de Impuestos Nacionales y Dirección de Aduanas Nacionales), Secretary of Finance of Bogota and Head of the Colombian Civil Aviation Authority.

A founding partner of the firm Zarama y Asociados Consultores, academic chair at various universities, researcher and participant in conferences held by different public and private entities.


He has written several books for the last seven tax reforms and frequently collaborates with publications on tax issues.