Diogo Leónidas Rocha

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Diogo Leónidas Rocha



Lawyer at “Carlos de Sousa e Brito & Associados” from October 1990 to January 1999. Partner at “Pena, Machete, Botelho Moniz, Nobre Guedes, Ruiz & Associados (PMBGR)”, from February 1999 to August 2000. Partner at Leónidas, Matos & Associados, from 2000 to 2004. Partner at Garrigues, Leónidas, Matos, S.L., currently Garrigues Portugal, S.L.

Mergers and Acquisitions.
Banking Law.
Capital Markets and Corporate Finance.

Portuguese Law Society.

Academic background:

Degree in Law, Universidade Católica Portuguesa. Master’s Degree in European Studies, Instituto Europeo de Estudios.


Publications and conferences:
Portuguese chapter in MERGER CONTROL IN EUROPE IFR Publishing Ltd - Edited by Stephen Cromie (Linklaters & Paines) – 1991; DOSSIERS INTERNATIONAUX FRANCIS LEFEBVRE – PORTUGAL (Legal, tax, employment) December 1992, updated in 1996; Portuguese chapter in INTERNATIONAL SECURITIES LAW, Euromoney Publications PLC - 1992; Portuguese chapter in THE GUIDE TO WORLD EQUITY MARKETS, Euromoney Publications PLC and GT Management PLC, 1990 and annual updates; Portuguese chapter in FIRST ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL LAW REVIEW, Banking Yearbook; FINANCIAL REGULATION REPORT - Worldwide regulatory developments and their implications for the financial services industry.
Articles for the FINANCIAL TIMES - Financial Publishing, entitled: “Ex-dividend trading to be permitted on the Lisbon Stock Exchange”; “New definition of Investment Firm following implementation of the ISD”; “Shareholding disclosure provisions”; “The role of “Central de Valores Mobiliarios” within the Portuguese clearing system”; “Trading of Portuguese treasury bonds by non-residents”; “Regulatory capital adequacy requirements for Portuguese credit institutions”; “Equity convertible bonds under Portuguese legislation”; “Shareholding disclosure provisions in Portugal”; “Lisbon Stock Exchange: trading will no longer stop for payment of dividends”; “Insider trading and market manipulation rules”; “The treatment of global custody under the Portuguese clearing system”; “The provision of investment services through the use of Internet”; “Reporting requirements following the implementation of articles 20 and 21 of the ISD”; “Portugal issues new legislation on Contractual Netting”; “Regulatory framework for the private offering of notes within the Portuguese market”; “Takeovers in Portugal: current thresholds following the 1995 amendment”; “Relevant forms of ownership and nature of holdings for shareholding disclosure purposes”; “Oporto Derivative Exchange launches a Repo market in Portugal”; “The concept of Upper Tier II capital under Portuguese capital adequacy rules”; “Primary dealer status on auctions of republic debt following introduction of the Euro, and the redenomination of the debt”; “Acquisition of treasury shares by Portuguese companies”; “Marketing in Portugal of foreign UCITS”.
Articles for the journal EUROPEAN FINANCIAL SERVICES LAW entitled: “System for the settlement of Stock Exchange transactions”, May 1994; “Shareholding disclosure provisions”, October 1994; “Licensing requirements in Portugal following the implementation of the Second Banking Directive”, January 1997.