Camilo Gantiva


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Camilo Gantiva

Principal associate


He has more than nine years’ experience providing legal advisory services. From 2008 to 2010, he held the position of Deputy General Counsel of the Self-Regulatory Organization for the Colombian Securities Market (Autorregulador del Mercado de Valores de Colombia).

He also worked at a multinational company engaged in the energy generation industry, with headquarters in New York.

He is a professor of capital markets and securities regulation at Universidad Javeriana and of capital markets and trusts at Universidad del Rosario.

Academic background:

He specializes in capital markets, as well as banking and financial regulation, advising clients on a wide range of matters, including initial public offerings, other equity offerings, securitizations, the incorporation and operation of financial institutions, various issues for private equity funds, convertible debt offerings and a range of financing structures among others.