Antonio Narváez Luque


Languages Known:

  • English
  • Spanish

Antonio Narváez Luque

Principal associate


Antonio Narváez is a principal associate in the tax practice, specializing in advising corporate groups on mergers and acquisitions and tax consolidation.

He has extensive experience providing ongoing tax advice to business groups, particularly in the financial and real estate sectors. In addition, he has advised on multiple M&A and restructuring transactions, as well as on sales and purchases of businesses and companies.

This, coupled with his specialization in the taxation of financial products and investments, has enabled him to advise corporate and family business groups, in particular in the growth and restructuring phases, as well as private banking and specialized credit institutions.

He has been a lecturer at the University of Malaga, teaching several subjects related to corporate taxation. He is also a lecturer at the Advanced Enterprise Studies School where he teaches classes in the Master’s in European Financial Counseling.

He is a member of the Malaga Economists Association, as well as a founding member of the financial education project known as “Edufinet”, with which he actively collaborates with the aim of educating the public on financial matters by posting content online and conducting seminars and talks. 

Academic background:

Degree in Economics from Universidad de Málaga, and a research member of the Department of Economic Theory and History at Universidad de Málaga.


Coauthor of various books and handbooks recognized by the most prestigious publishers, including most notably:

“The New Foundations Treaty”, published by Thomson Reuters-Aranzadi (2016).

“The Corporate Governance of Banks” (*), published by Thomson Reuters-Aranzadi (2016).

“The Floor Clause in Mortgage Loans (2nd edition)” (*), published by BOSCH (2015).

“Practical Guide to Tax Returns” (*), published by Diario Expansión (2015).

“The Savings Banks and Bank Foundations Law: the Expulsion of Savings Banks from their Financial Haven” (2014) (*), published by WOLTERS KLUWER ESPAÑA, S.A.

“Guide on the Taxation of Financial Transactions” (2013) (*), published by WOLTERS KLUWER ESPAÑA, S.A.

In addition, he has published numerous articles and collaborations in the reviews “Vida económica”, “Extoikos”, “Edufinet” and the newspaper Diario Sur, including most notably “Justice in the Tax Sphere: Problems and Reflections” (*), “Taxes and the Environment: a Pairing Worthy of Reflection” (*), “A Look at Personal Income Tax” (*),  “The Tea Party and Taxes” (*) and “The IRPF offset regime as a means of exerting fiscal pressure.”



(*) originally published in Spanish. See Spanish CV for more information.