Ana Eulalia Lucas Machí


Practice Area/Industry:

Languages Known:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Valencian

Ana Eulalia Lucas Machí

Senior associate


Ana is a senior associate in the Criminal Law practice area. She has extensive experience in defending and acting as legal counsel in cases involving fraud, theft, forgery, crimes against workers’ rights, damages, criminal insolvency, planning crimes, corporate crimes, intellectual property crimes and crimes against the public authorities.

She specializes in the field of Criminal Risk Management Systems (Crime Prevention Plans or “Compliance Guides”), advising numerous clients on the design and implementation within companies of such systems.

She lectures on the Professional Ethics and Liability module of the Master’s Degree in the Legal Professional organized by Universidad de Valencia in conjunction with the Valencia Bar Association.

She is a member of the Valencia Bar Association.

Academic background:

Degree in Law, Universidad de Valencia (Estudi General).

Master’s Degree in Legal Counseling for Businesses, Universidad de Valencia (Estudi General).


She regularly participates in seminars and conferences on criminal law and the corporate liability of legal entities (seminar on crimes against the economic-social order at the Valencia Bar Association; conferences on economic crime at the Valencia Bar Association; conferences on the criminal liability of legal entities at CEF; and conference on tax crimes and corporate liability at Centro de Estudios Villanueva).