One of the challenges a business association faces in the early stages of its creation and development is how to attract and retain high-potential employees, known as “key people,” in today’s strikingly competitive labor market. This is particularly difficult for those recently-launched endeavors on a tight budget.
It’s now easier than ever to finance a project in Spain through a bond issue. The reforms introduced in recent years to the Capital Companies Law and the Securities Market Law, coupled with the approval of the Business Financing Law, have made it easier for sponsors to finance or refinance their projects from Spanish companies. The stage is now set for us to see an exponential increase in the number of project bond issues in the country. 
In general, the terms “accelerator” and “incubator” are used synonymously, although they refer to different concepts with distinct purposes and processes. In order to be able to understand how an incubator or accelerator can contribute to the growth, development or promotion of a startup, we need first to determine and distinguish both notions, by detailing their most important aspects and then listing guideline which we consider useful when it comes to cherry-picking between these.