What criteria are used in the recruitment process?

At Garrigues, we carry out a global evaluation of all applications received. When it comes to assessing whether each profile fits the position offered, we place special emphasis on the following aspects:

  • Academic record and grade point average
  • Command of languages
  • Professional work experience
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Personal skills (teamwork, initiative, workload, results-oriented approach, etc.)

I’m looking for an internship. What should I do?

Send us your CV and academic record together with a completed copy of the form you can find at Send us your CV indicating the three offices at which you wish to work as an intern, in order of preference. Once we have received your CV, we will contact you and indicate the next steps to be taken.

Can I apply again if I have already sat the tests in a previous year?

You can reapply once two years have passed since you last sat the tests if your CV includes new skills, whether in terms of languages, work experience, preparation for competitive examinations, postgraduate courses, etc.

How are departments assigned? Does Garrigues have a rotation system?

At Garrigues, we firmly believe that specialization is the way forward. During the recruitment process, we help candidates choose the career path that best meets their expectations. We view our selection process as an enriching exchange of information in which, ideally, the needs of the department will fall into step with the professional motivation of the candidate as far as area of expertise is concerned. Nonetheless, through our internship programs, candidates have the opportunity to get to know different departments if they do not have a clear-cut preference.

Which is the best office to apply to?

Our recruitment process is the same at all our offices and candidates can apply to any office, regardless of the office they may ultimately join. Only the final phase of the recruitment process need be completed at the office the candidate is looking to join.