Sports & Entertainment

Garrigues Sports & Entertainment is a service line offering specialized and bespoke sports and entertainment advisory services drawing on in-depth industry expertise.

Garrigues Sports & Entertainment aims to offer specialist services of the very highest added value to sportsmen and women, artistes, agents, representative and the various institutions operating in the worlds of sport and entertainment, capitalizing on Garrigues’ prestige, sound business approach and multidisciplinary structure.

Garrigues Sports & Entertainment can boast an in-house team of professionals specializing in the industry, enabling it to draw on the very highest level of industry know-how.

We advise:

  • Sportsmen and women and artistes.
  • Agents and representatives.
  • Sports clubs and institutions.
  • Sporting federations and associations.
  • International bodies.
  • Major event organizers.
  • Investment funds.
  • Audiovisual and record producers.
  • Internet content providers.