Real Estate

The Garrigues real estate practice has led the way in the Spanish legal services market for comprehensive advice on the main real estate deals, drawing on its in-depth knowledge of the various markets and practices that form the backdrop for such deals. For more than twenty years, we have acted in the largest and most technically complex transactions, bringing and adapting international techniques to the Spanish market and contributing to the modernization of contractual and financing methods.

The team’s expertise in the various legal issues involved in these types of transactions and their thorough knowledge of industry practices enable Garrigues to advise on all real estate matters: the sale and purchase of real estate and real estate companies, leases, development and construction contracts, real estate financing and the legal structuring of major properties.

We constantly take part in highly complex real estate deals and in negotiations calling for enormous expertise, garnering plaudits from the leading local and international operators in the Spanish market. Prestigious directories and specialist publications highlight the leading position of the real estate practice and our professionals in their annual rankings.

Sale and purchase of Real Estate and Real Estate Companies

Our real estate team specializes in the legal aspects of all types of real estate (office buildings, shopping malls, industrial warehouses and logistics centers, hotels, homes for the elderly, residential property portfolios, golf courses and sports marinas), with specific knowledge of the legal aspects to be borne in mind when selling or purchasing such properties, as well as in real estate project finance and the arrangement of guarantees and other collateral. Moreover, as a multidisciplinary firm, we are able to supplement our industry-specific experience with advice in the other fields of law that may be involved (tax, labor and employment, competition law, etc.). We advise on competitive sale processes and on ordinary purchases, sale & leaseback transactions, the sale and acquisition of buildings under construction and forward-funding arrangements, in addition to the regularization of real estate portfolios for subsequent sale or to maximize their value.

Development, Construction and Technical Contracts

Garrigues has a wealth of experience in negotiating development, delegated development, project management and other contracts related to real estate development, construction and turnkey contracts, contracts with architects, engineers and other experts involved in the construction process, off-plan sale and purchase agreements, realtor agreements, etc. Our team also advises on compliance with the legislation applicable to the sale of housing by developers. Furthermore, we provide expert advice on the legal structures required to carry out real estate development projects: risk analysis, tax optimization, etc., calling, when necessary, on the other departments of a multidisciplinary firm such as ours.

Lease Agreements

We negotiate the full range of lease agreements for all types of property and premises (commercial premises in mixed-use buildings, units in shopping malls, industrial warehouses, logistics centers, offices, etc.), as well as hotel lease and management agreements, real estate management agreements or contracts for homes for the elderly, to name but a few.

Organization of Real Estate Complexes

We have experience in analyzing alternatives for the creation of condominium property systems and real estate complexes in shopping and leisure centers, hotel, residential, mixed-use and condo-hotel developments and homes for the elderly, as well as in drafting and negotiating all the necessary legal documentation (draft deeds for the creation of condominium property systems and real estate complexes, division, amalgamation and aggregation of land, new construction, bylaws and internal regulations, etc.).