Mergers & Acquisitions

The Garrigues M&A practice area has lawyers in all offices and jurisdictions in which the Firm is present and boasts a solid team of experts, with renowned experience, recognized in several of the best known international directories. Our lawyers are experts in planning and executing mergers, acquisitions and spin-offs, both between companies of the same group and between independent companies, advising purchasers, sellers, the target company itself or its management team, which gives us an in-depth understanding of the needs of the client and of the other party in the transaction, enabling us to propose varied and imaginative solutions or alternatives in negotiation processes.

Together with proven knowledge and experience in all industries and sectors, we provide the highest degree of technical expertise regarding the key legal implications that could affect the transaction.

For more than 70 years in Spain and from the very outset of our activities abroad, Garrigues has taken part in the biggest, most significant and most complex deals in the markets in which we are present and we are not only able to handle the business law aspects connected with these types of transactions (tax, labor, administrative, antitrust aspects, etc.) but also to coordinate and execute transactions with a significant international component involving multiple jurisdictions, supported by our own office network, where possible, or by our extensive contacts with local firms in the majority of jurisdictions worldwide that guarantee the utmost rigor and quality.

We have worked on acquisitions, mergers and spin-offs of all kinds of companies, businesses, assets and production units for private traders and public companies, industrial concerns, financial investors, private equity firms and their managers. We also participate in direct multilateral or bilateral negotiations, as well as bidding processes, in which, if acting as adviser to the promoter, we provide advice on all legal and procedural aspects necessary for the proper conduct of the process.

Our added value is our total commitment to our clients and to achieving their goals, in strict observance of the laws and best practices of each market. To do so, we take a hands-on approach, allocating our best resources to each engagement and taking an active role in designing, selecting and implementing the structure of the deal.


Our areas of expertise include:

Advice to private equity firms and funds

Our team has extensive experience in advising clients in this sector, participating in the design and execution of corporate investment and divestment processes (LBOs, MBOs, secondary buyouts, etc.).

Legal due diligence

We provide comprehensive advice on due diligence reviews of companies, assets and businesses in all fields of the law and in the corporate and commercial practice area in particular.

Strategic alliances

We participate in the preparation, negotiation and implementation of joint venture agreements and strategic alliances using the most suitable vehicle in each case, thereby helping to finalize numerous business processes.

Tender offers

We provide recurring advice to companies and groups preparing to list on the stock markets from the standpoint of the potential purchasers, competing bidders, the financing banks and the target company. We document the transaction from the perspective of securities market law, corporate and commercial law, the legality of the steps taken by the companies, the potential measures to protect their interests and the design of the strategies. We also specialize in public to private processes, where listed companies seek to delist.