Our Environmental Department is made up of specialist environmental lawyers who work in conjunction with the more than thirty professionals hailing from an economic and technical background, such as engineers, geologists, chemists, physicists, environmental scientists, economists, etc. who make up the G-advisory team.

Founded in 2000, G-advisory is the Firm’s specialist consulting arm, offering technical, economic and strategic advice on energy, environmental, climate change, sustainability and corporate social responsibility matters.

The multidisciplinary focus of our teams guarantees professional services of the highest quality, combining legal aspects and technical, economic and financial concerns in all types of national and international engagements and studies relating to environmental law, and notably in the areas of renewables, sustainability, climate change and corporate social responsability.

Legal advice

We offer comprehensive advice on all environmental law matters, including those relating to specific regulated sectors, such as energy or mining.

Our advice in this field includes actively assisting our clients in the obtainment of the necessary environmental enabling instruments for the pursuit of their activities, and in all kinds of administrative procedures, including penalty proceedings, and court proceedings in this area.

In light of their experience, our professionals often participate in the preparation of draft legislation for the public authorities at state, regional and local level, and in international collaborative projects. Another mainstay of our environmental law activity is the performance of environmental due diligence reviews in corporate transactions and project finance processes. We also have extensive experience in preparing manuals containing recommendations for compliance with the applicable legislation and in drafting reports and legal opinions on environmental matters.

Renewable energy and energy efficiency projects

We offer integral advice on project finance and on all aspects of due diligence processes prior to the financial close, both with respect to the permits and authorizations necessary to construct and operate a facility and to the relevant remuneration regime.

We also provide comprehensive legal advice on energy efficiency matters, in terms of both public authority contracts and the different obligations imposed at state and regional level in different sectors, such as construction, transportation, energy operators, etc. We work closely with our consulting arm on strategic planning, sustainable energy planning and smart grids, and industry and market modeling, at both national and international level.

Climate change

We advise private entities on emissions trading legislation by preparing reports and legal opinions on all manner of issues deriving from international and Community law, as well as from the standpoint of national and regional legislation.

We also act as legal counsel in administrative procedures, including penalty proceedings, and in judicial review proceedings relating to obligations provided for in legislation designed to combat climate change.

Protection of natural areas

We have broad expertise in analyzing legislation designed to protect natural areas and, in particular, in identifying the restrictions imposed as regards the implementation of new projects and in relation to major infrastructure or energy projects. We also act as legal counsel in all kinds of administrative proceedings and judicial review proceedings.

Responsible procurement

We prepare sustainable public procurement plans and responsible purchasing plans for private entities by developing the guidelines necessary to incorporate environmental criteria in the different contractual phases, thereby allowing environmental impacts to be significantly reduced.

Contaminated land and environmental liability

We provide integral advice to companies on contaminated land and draw up action strategies, including the preparation of studies and reports, the provision of administrative law advice and acting for clients in court proceedings concerning contaminated land. We work with our technical experts to design and supervise decontamination projects and carry out economic appraisals of environmental liabilities deriving from contaminated land and water. We also offer legal assistance in relation to environmental liability.

Waste management

We define strategies and plans for the management of all kinds of waste: urban, hazardous, agricultural and livestock, mining, electrical and electronic equipment, construction and demolition (C&D) waste, etc. We analyze the technical, economic and legal feasibility of waste treatment and management models in conjunction with our technical experts. We also advise on due diligence processes in relation to compliance with obligations contained in waste management legislation.

Water management

We specialize in providing technical, legal and economic assistance with the management of the complete water cycle, with administrative procedures and court proceedings in this area, and in preparing management optimization studies and handling applications for obtainment of the necessary permits.

Communication and training

As experts in this area, we regularly participate in the preparation of informative guides, in-house environmental training initiatives, and in raising awareness of general and specific environmental issues by organizing courses, seminars, etc.