You will discover that we are a committed and responsible firm

Garrigues has always been conscious of the need for social responsibility. As a result, in all our actions we seek to align the firm’s social commitment with strategic objectives.

If you are motivated and willing to contribute to society using your knowledge, you can join our pro bono work programme, and help with the social initiatives we organise through the Garrigues Foundation.

Javier Escudero

The Pro Bono Committee provides an opportunity for professionals who aspire to help those in need

Javier Escudero

“Throughout my career, the firm has given me the opportunity to provide my professional services free of charge to organisations and bodies which would otherwise have been unable to access a legal firm such as ours. As a result I have collaborated with a number of charitable organisations, providing them with the same services that we normally offer our clients, in an environment that, if not more gratifying, at least brings a different kind of personal satisfaction, both due to the nature of the organisations that we help, and for the special relationship and the sense of involvement shared with the team providing their professional services.

The present Pro Bono Committee to which I belong provides the resources to ensure that any professionals in the firm who aspire to helping those in need can join the pro bono services program and channel their desire to help by offering the best quality legal advice available to not for profit organisations”.