Centro de Estudios Garrigues is a teaching institution affiliated with the Firm which aims to provide training, education and research in areas that are related to the professional activity of the Firm (legal, tax, financial, human resources, etc).

The link with Garrigues enables the Center to maintain in constant touch with professional practice, and keep abreast of new developments in the legal, economic and business fields, providing a means through which to apply the knowledge, methods and experience gained from professional practice to the field of education. 

However, this relationship is by no means exclusive in nature. Indeed, the Center is conceived as an open forum for reflection and participation, with the involvement of professionals from highly diverse backgrounds: public authorities, the judiciary, academia and other law firms and companies. 

Among the activities offered at Centro de Estudios Garrigues, the Masters’ degree programs for recent graduates, and the Executive Study Programs and specialized courses for experienced professionals are particularly noteworthy.