Applied legal research, a program of awards and scholarships, and community outreach initiatives constitute the three core mainstays of the Garrigues Foundation, which aims to serve the general interests of civil society.

The Foundation therefore pays particular attention to research into the values which must underpin legal practice in the 21st century and the training of young lawyers, while making an active contribution to the social welfare of society’s most disadvantaged groups.

  •  Research: Collaborating with Spanish and foreign research institutions and teams, the Foundation’s priority research objectives are global law (through the Garrigues Chair in Global Law at the University of Navarra) and new areas of the law such as bioethics and the impact of new technologies on society.   
  •  Training: The program of awards and scholarships has been set up as a means to encourage excellence among young lawyers in the study of the Law and the skillful application of their knowledge.
  •  Community Outreach: The majority of Garrigues’ community outreach initiatives are performed through the Foundation, which has set itself the goal of applying operational principles in order to clarify and strengthen its activities. To this end, it focuses on small groups, thus avoiding the weakening of its projects and ensuring a more direct impact.