Our Corporate Social Responsibility

A commitment to our community as a business strategy

Here at Garrigues, we see corporate social responsibility (CSR) as a management model that takes into account both the economic, social and environmental impact of our business on our stakeholders, and our stakeholders’ expectations of our professional practice.

The cornerstones of our CSR strategy are, in turn, the values that give our Firm its identity:

  • Excellence in client service
  • A commitment to people
  • Professional ethics and independence

These values, together with transparency, communication and dialog with stakeholders, are what sets us apart from the rest and are key to the success of the organization’s socially responsible positioning in the long term.

Back in 2002, we gave a commitment to abide by the principles of the United Nations Global CompactAbre ventana nueva. This forms part of our CSR strategy and follows on directly from our commitment to society and to our community.

This commitment is borne out each year by the preparation of the Corporate Social Responsibility ReportAbre ventana nueva, which lays down the general guidelines that inform our management model and are the basis for the CSR initiatives implemented.

The aim of the Report is to offer a true and fair view of the work done by the Firm in relation to the commitments given to the various stakeholders. We strive to be transparent in the Report, describing in detail the Firm’s structure and internal management systems, as well as the way in which we contribute to our commitment to society.

All of our people take part in the CSR initiatives that are carried out. The pro bono work done by our professionals is a source of particular pride. Under a pro bono agreement, we offer legal advice at no charge, or at heavily discounted rates, with the sole aim of helping, directly or indirectly, not-for-profit groups or entities (NGOs, foundations, entities, associations, etc.) in need of legal protection. Our pro bono work has a twofold objective:

  • To allow the Firm to perform an ethical duty of service to society.
  • To allow the Firm’s professionals to fulfill their commitment to solidarity by providing the economic and professional resources needed to make this a meaningful initiative.

We help by doing what we do best: our work. True to its nature, and aside from its pro bono work, the Firm focuses a significant part of its CSR policies on legal research and on scholarships and prizes for young jurists, through its FoundationAbre ventana nueva and the Centro de EstudiosAbre ventana nueva.