The Garrigues Chair

Garrigues is unstinting in its commitment to supporting and promoting legal research and forging ties with the world of academia. Both activities are means with which to transfer the know-how, methodology and experience gained from professional practice to the world of training.

Specific research on the globalization of the law is conducted through the Garrigues Chair in Global Law. Set up under an agreement with Universidad de Navarra, the Chair was created with the aim of promoting, from an interdisciplinary perspective, teaching and research on the different fields of law and, above all, on all matters with a bearing on the phenomenon known as “the globalization of the law”.

In November 2011, Garrigues reached an agreement with Universidad Pontificia de Comillas (ICAI-ICADE) to create the Garrigues Chair on the Modernization of Company Law, with the aim of researching and reflecting on the changes taking place in this specialist field.

Towards the end of the same year, in tandem with Universidad de Zaragoza, the Firm created the Garrigues Chair in Law and Business Studies, which seeks to integrate the world of law with economic activity at companies, as a key component to ensure the successful development and growth of Spain’s business community.