Updates Polska 1-2012



On December 22, 2011, the Polish Ministry for the Economy published proposal for a  new set of rules aimed at regulating the energy sector.

The proposal of the Polish legislator is intended to legally implement the Climate  and Third Enery Package (Directives 2009/28/EC; 2009/72/EC y 2009/73/EC) proclaimed by the European Union, replacing the current Energy Law of 1997 (and its amendments) with three new laws each of which addresses the following subjects:

- Energy Law
- Gas Law
- Law governing Energy from Renewable Sources (resources).

The Polish Government’s intention is that the new regulation will be in force as from July 1, 2012 although beforehand it must undergo the procedure of public consultations and the approval by each of the ministries affected by the legislation and, finally, parliamentary ratification (Semj).
Subject to the further legislative implementation which may occur in the coming months and on which we will promptly report, an analysis is performed below of the principal modifications which could particularly affect investments relating to renewable energy sector which, in the case of Poland focus on wind, biomass and low-power hydro power plants.


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